Using Blogs to Express Yourself Online

Using Blogs to Express Yourself Online

Using Blogs to Express Yourself OnlineLike social networking or Google searches, blogging is a twenty-first century phenomena that has become a mainstay of modern life. When we’ve reached the level where mainstream media outlets are covering high-profile blog posts from celebrities, politicians and other social commentators, it’s safe to say that a blog in the right hands can be a powerful medium for personal expression.

However, while it is something that everyone can do, it’s not something that everyone does well. There are no tutorials on how to blog effectively, but with a few solid tips, it is possible to turn your blog into something meaningful that will always attract readers.

Discover Your Passion and Your Voice

Enthusiasm for writing (or acting, if you’re doing a video blog) is a good way to get a blog started. Pick a subject that you really care about, find a website to host your blog and start posting!

However, while enthusiasm is a great way to start, it alone, can’t sustain your blog. You need to focus your passion into your writing, determine to discuss the different aspects of your subject and develop it into a consistent schedule of posts.

The same goes for the voice and tone of your blog. There may be dozens of blogs on the same topic that you’re writing about, but your voice is your own. Find a way to be a little different, to approach the subject from a new angle and to learn from your readers just what they get out of your fresh tone and perspective.

Become an Expert, Not Just Another Writer

One thing that draws a consistent audience for bloggers is expertise. Of course, they’ll look for entertainment or opinions they agree with, but expertise and clear facts can also make for a reliable following. And since you, the potential blogger, will be writing about something you care deeply about, then you’ll want to really know this subject inside and out, even if you have to do additional research. It may seem like a chore at first, along with trying to keep up a consistent schedule of blog writing, but in the long run, that dedication will show in your blog and it will make your readers more dedicated to following you, as well.

Create and Refine Your Online Persona

Passion and expertise are two essential ingredients for a successful blogger, but the third and final element is no less crucial: an engaging online persona. Being online means that you have to express yourself in a way that you normally can’t in face-to-face conversation, which may sound limiting, but can actually be very liberating. The blog can be your opportunity to present a smarter, wittier and more articulate version of your normal, everyday self, or if you already are that smart, witty and articulate in real life, the blog is just one more area where you can shine.

One final thing to remember about your new blogging habit is that you should always carry that passion, that expertise and that online persona everywhere you happen to be online. It should be your personal brand, your mark upon the Web that everyone can instantly recognize, which will ultimately draw people to your blog and to what you have to say.…

Effective Blog Posts to Increase Readership

Effective Blog Posts to Increase Readership

Effective Blog Posts to Increase ReadershipThe most vital component to any blog on the internet is not only content, but also the number of people who are interested in what a blogger has to say. In other words, readership numbers can be more important than any topic or research included in a single post. In order to increase the number of readers to any blog, writers can use a variety of different post styles to add to his or her site.

Opinion Posts on Current Issues

One of the more popular post styles that a blogger will use is writing on a current topic or hot issue in the news. However, in the event of a genre-specific blog, the number of current events that can tie directly to this genre may be few and far between. Therefore, the blogger can benefit from taking a current news headline or issue and applying it to his or her blog genre in an appropriate and accurate manner. For example, if a blogger is running a sports-themed blog, he or she may wish to research how immigration reform in Arizona can effect a major sports league or event. Taking this approach will help increase the number of potential readers from just a small subsection of sports fans.

Conduct an Interview with an Industry Leader

Another great way to drive readers to any blog is to post a transcript from a recently-conducted interview with a leader in the blog genre’s industry. For example, many major companies are well aware of the media and content being published about their product or service and are often willing to “clear the air” about specific topics being discussed on the internet. Many times these leaders can be reached via contact information on their company’s main website. Interviews need not be incredibly long or in-depth, however bloggers should keep in mind the type of opinion he or she wants to voice in an eventual blog post follow-up.


Reference Other Bloggers in Posts

Finally, most bloggers in the blogosphere love to be referenced in the work of other writers on the internet. This includes fellow bloggers of the same topic or genre. After contacting these other writers for permission to use their content, bloggers can paraphrase and reference other points in order to increase his or her reader audience. With any luck, the referenced writers’ will one day return the favor for the original blogger. As with any research, however, bloggers must remember to avoid plagiarism at all costs and include direct links to any additional blog posts used as a resource.…

Inside Information on Wealthy Affiliates: Disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate University

Inside Information on Wealthy Affiliates: Disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate University

Inside Information on Wealthy Affiliates: Disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate UniversityEvery aspiring internet marketer would have heard about wealthy affiliates. Other than its very formidable website, they get their publicity from many wealthy affiliate reviews. These reviews are mostly posted by existing members of wealthy affiliate in a bid to attract more members to this celebrated program.

Listing the Advantages

The advantages of joining wealthy affiliates are many. The information provided is said to be the best available on the internet. Not only that, the program features an ever growing list of tools which help any novice internet marketer fast forward to complete authority in the marketing arena. This in alliance with their one on one support feature for new members makes it a truly comprehensive program. However, not everything is rosy and wonderful.

It is a fact that everything comes with its share of benefits and shortcomings. Wealthy Affiliate University is no exception. The program does have some disadvantages which are as follows:

  1. Membership Fees

This is one of the major reasons which keep people away from joining this otherwise great program. The membership is often deemed to high by many people. However, most existing members are of the view that the exclusive information and tools more than make up for the membership fees.

  1. No Place for Doubts

Even though Wealthy Affiliate University boasts of forms and other help sections, most new members complain about the ignorance directed at doubts and confusions. Since the information provided is overwhelming, it is only natural that one would have doubts creeping in his mind. Without proper addressal to doubts, one is left with incomplete knowledge which goes on to hamper his proficiency in the field.

  1. Lack of Phone Support

Most people find it easier to understand and take in knowledge when they get it by talking to a person. Even though it is quite impossible to teach everything regarding internet marketing to every member physically, it would be better even if the option limited itself to addressing doubts or giving small chunks of vital information.

  1. Less Emphasis on Multimedia

It is a fact that one can learn better if all his sensory organs are involved. Merely reading an eBook would not generate the kind of interest associated an interactive live session or even a DVD. This is one of the major shortcomings of Wealthy affiliate which showcases some of the best information available.

  1. Too Much Information

Most people might consider this as a plus point, but this is purely perceptional. Any new member is bound to feel flooded with information which is more than what he can handle. Given the abundance of information, it is quite normal to get confused as to where must one start from.

Make an Informed Choice

While deciding on wealthy affiliate university, it is essential that one correctly weighs his options. As mentioned before, everything, no matter how fascinating comes with its share of limitations. Wealthy affiliates program is widely regarded as the most comprehensive source for getting information on internet marketing. If one can keep these few limitations aside, he can truly pave his way to success.…

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Use Or Ignore Them?: Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Use Or Ignore Them?: Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Use Or Ignore Them?: Wealthy Affiliate ReviewA wealthy affiliate review is often referred to when you are unsure about how you can become a wealthy affiliate and make tons of money. However, do you really need to make use of them in order to get rich or is there a way in which you can become rich without having to try as hard? The answer might be a little more complicated than a simple yes or a no, but once you know the different things that you can expect from a review, it might be easier to make your decision.

Content – Length and approach

As with any good review, you would first want to be sure that you are reading things that are going to be of use to you and help you understand the product or the concept that the review is written on. Hence, with a wealthy affiliate review, this means that the review will have to talk about the concept of affiliation and help you understand how to get good at it. The length matters as a review that is too concise might be of little use and in the same manner, an overly long one might leave you confused and perplexed. Digression should be kept to the minimum, and avoidable if it is an option.

Content also means that the wealthy affiliate review should touch upon important criteria and explain them in an organized and systematic manner. Information overload is a common occurrence with such reviews, and such reviews should be avoided as much as possible. In fact, there are extremely knowledgeable people out there who are wealthy affiliates themselves but might not know how to impart this knowledge. If too many things are crammed in the review, you might get frustrated as you might not know what to make use of.

Practical solutions

Let’s face it, there is only so much that theoretical knowledge can take you forward in this area. Once you have all the knowledge required for the job, the next thing that you might need to do is to learn the practical aspects to it, so that you might be able to fine tune your existing knowledge. For this, the wealthy affiliate review should help you learn some useful practical tips that you can put to use when you try to become a wealthy affiliate. These are the things that books and other materials might not teach you, but things that are learnt while on the job.

There a number of poorly written reviews on the internet today. Another thing that should help you decide on whether or not the review is worth considering is the person who might have written. Some authors are really good at their job and can suggest you things that you might not have previously considered. Such reviews come by every now and then, so you might want to look out for these when you are performing your research online. Eventually, you will find the wealthy affiliate review that will suit your needs and help you get a better handle with the concept.…

Article Tips: Do You Need Article Marketing?

Article Tips: Do You Need Article Marketing?

Article Tips: Do You Need Article Marketing?It’s a common question for anyone who is considering article marketing. Do you need article marketing? As a fulltime freelance writer, I didn’t think that I did. But after years of writing articles for my clients’ article marketing plans, I came across an idea. What if I wrote articles to market myself?

I had a website with a full portfolio, samples of my writing, resume and more. What if I used article marketing both to drive traffic to this site and also to show samples of my writing potential? What better way to show my clients that I am experience in article marketing than with my own successful marketing plan!

This turned out to be a fantastic plan for me and I also discovered how to repurpose much of my content so that I get more for my time spent writing. In my line of work, time is money and I don’t want to waste a single minute. I learned to get more articles out in shorter periods of time and it paid off in a big way.

The most important thing to know about article marketing today is that since everyone is doing it, you now have to scale your article marketing plan to meet the competition. Gone are the days when 5 to 10 articles would get you somewhere. In fact today, you’d be hard pressed to get noticed with fewer than 100 articles. Bulk is going to pay off big here but not at the expense of quality.

This means don’t run out to some content mill or attempt to spin PLR content and submit it as your own for article marketing. This isn’t going to get you anywhere. Not only are the reputation article directories starting to reject spun content, it also reflects poorly on you and your associated company.

If you really can’t write the articles yourself then you might consider hiring an experienced ghostwriter or copywriter who can help you take your ideas and knowledge and turn it into highly qualified articles for your campaign. Just be sure to choose your writer carefully and always double check their content for spelling, grammar and plagiarism.

If you have any type of business online, sell a product or service or want to drive more traffic to your website or blog, article marketing may be the perfect choice for you. Now that you know more about how it’s done, you can get starting writing your great marketing articles today. It’s that easy!…

Kaspersky Internet Security – Are You Certain You’re Safe?

Kaspersky Internet Security - Are You Certain You're Safe?

Kaspersky Internet Security - Are You Certain You're Safe?Kaspersky Internet Security blocks the thousands of malware threats you face every time you’re on the Internet. Unfortunately, there will always be hackers, and they are constantly updating their methods for invading your computer. Installing Kaspersky Internet Security before surfing the Internet will keep your computer virus free.

Kaspersky AntiVirus is a high quality software program that is ranked highly by computer users and industry experts. Kaspersky Internet Security will eliminate all kinds of unsafe programs from your computer as well as viruses. Trojans, worms, adware, and spyware are examples of these insidious programs. They each threaten Internet security differently.

With Kaspersky Internet Security, you are safe even against worms, which are an extremely dangerous kind of program. This Internet security threat is particularly dangerous because of its ability to replicate itself. A worm gets into a computer and looks for the network addresses of other computers and then it sends self-made copies to all these addresses. It sends copies of itself to everybody in your address book after it locates all of the email addresses on your computer.

Kaspersky Internet Security will then go to work to keep another dangerous type of program, trojans, out of your computer. Programs like this get into your computer and perform functions like obliterating your hard drive, hanging up the system and capturing your private data. Trojans can cause a lot more damage than traditional computer viruses.

Adware is not always harmful, but sometimes affects the way you would like to use your computer. This highly annoying problem is combated the weapons that users of Kaspersky Internet Security have access to. To get you to view their ads, companies sneak adware into regular software. The major concern with adware is that it normally gathers your personal information and returns it to the developer. It could change some of your browser settings, either the start page or security levels, without your permission.

Spyware aims to gather information about you with your knowing about it. After information is collected from your hard drive and system registry it gets returned to the developer. The detection of spyware can be extremely difficult without the protection provided by a program such as Kaspersky Internet Security. It is very destructive because it makes your computer perform abnormally and it can go unnoticed. Spyware won’t slip past by Kaspersky AntiVirus, which is updated hourly.

Computer hackers will always try to use your computer to commit their crimes. You can be confident that you wont fall victim to the next predator when you use Kaspersky Internet Security.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article. If you are looking for additional information on Kaspersky-Internet-Security or Kaspersky-AntiVirus, please be sure to check out our website.

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Learn My CRAZY Internet Secret!


11 secrets that will make you more secure on the internetPenny Auctions are the newest internet craze that is allowing normal people to get insane deals on expensive gadgets, gift cards and other valuable loot. All you have to do is register on a penny auction website, then you will be able to bid on any item on their vast auction network. You will find many gadgets such as iPhones, iPads, Smart phones, Gaming systems, laptops, cameras and many other things. Bidding is done in 1cent increments and typically will result in the winning bids for a product being 90% lower than retail price. It is an incredible secret that I wish I had known about sooner. The opportunities that Penny Auctions create for you to profit from are endless. This may sound too good to be true but you will see it for yourself before even registering.

With the amazing prices you will soon see at Bozbids, you will have enough profit in resale to make large amounts of money. Sell your acquired items on classified ads, Ebay, or start your own online store using gadgets bought at Penny Auction sites at 90%+ discounts. Or you can simply have all the latest gadgets at ridiculously low prices.

There is no risk bidding for these gadgets because you will only have to pay for it if you win the bidding. With the cheap prices you will see it is nearly impossible to lose money no matter how you resell it. Penny Auction sites are exploding in popularity and it will be one of the next big things on the internet. I want anyone reading this to have a chance to get in on the action and profit from the massive potential of Penny Auctions. With the internet, things can change very fast so nobody really knows how long these will be around.

Here is a guide on what exactly you must do in order to start winning penny auctions and receiving the newest gadgets at rock bottom prices.

First – You must choose which Penny Auction website to use. They all perform the same function in similar ways, but have some differences. I always recommend and use Bozbids the most. I have had no problems and their service is very reliable. I would be careful using any other than this one as I have not tested any other sites. I can confidently say you will get the best service and deals if you use Bozbids like I did.

Second – Go to the site you chose, and take note of the auctions shown on the first page. You will see them in progress and ending, with new gadgets and low prices displayed on every penny auction site. Once you are signed up with the website you chose you will be able to place bids on these penny auctions and win them. Find the registration form which will usually be on the homepage of the site. Fill out all the information with real information so you can receive your winnings.

Third – Once you have registered and funded your account, you can start placing bids on the items of your choice. If you win the auction by having the highest bid at closing, you will pay your bid price and receive your item within 48 hours. If you don’t win the auction you can move on to the next one, and as you gain experience you will become very good at winning. There are strategies to winning the most auctions and getting the most out of penny auctions.

I have been implementing many different ways to profit from Penny Auctions and made a lot of extra income. Right now these Penny Auctions are cutting edge and most people still don’t know about them, so now is the time to get in early. You will be able to make a healthy profit reselling your winnings at a competitive price. All you have to do is think of easy ways to resell the items you buy, and your profit margin will be huge. To tell you the truth I feel like a lottery winner. I am literally buying everything from gift cards and camcorders to laptops and iPads for dirt cheap and having no idea what to even do with all my fat loot.

I made so much through Penny Auctions that I had to make sure it was legal and not a scam. My attorney brother checked out Bozbids and other Penny Auction websites and assured me what I was doing was legal, safe and legit. He was amazed to see me doing this and wanted in. Now he is making more money with his new business I helped him start than he makes as an experienced attorney. His success led me to believe I could help others on the internet achieve what we both have. I have given you all of my tips, and instructions for using Penny Auction websites. You can do anything you want with the items you win, so take advantage of Penny Auctions while they are still around!…

Norton Internet Security Software Review

Norton Internet Security Software Review

Norton Internet Security Software ReviewNorton Internet Security is the perfect solution for anyone who uses the computer for work, play, checking emails, and any one who surfs the internet at all. I have been using this product for as long as I can remember and I would not trust my computer to anything else, it is very user friendly and a smart investment for anyone who owns a computer.

Norton Internet Security is complete Security, checking not only for viruses, it blocks spam, stops web sites from stealing personal information. It also has parental controls to help you block sites you would rather not have your family surfing. Norton is a trusted name when it comes to anti virus software as well internet security and has been for many years.

This protects your computer by eliminating spy ware, ad ware, Trojans, worms, viruses effortlessly, simply install the Norton Internet Security software, and with a few clicks, your computer is safeguarded from all sorts of malicious programs as well as hackers.

When you install a program after installing the Norton Internet Security, you can set defaults for that program, such as the ability to go on line with that software. Therefore, Norton Internet Security protects software installed before and after installation, and this is something that all not all anti virus programs can do.

I recommend you do a quick scan weekly that scans the most common parts of your computer that viruses target, but once a month you need to do a deep scan of your entire hard drive with Norton Internet Security. I recommend you set your deep scans the first day of every month at 12.00 am so that the software will run while you are sleeping and you will awake to a clean computer.

Norton Internet Security also scans incoming as well as outgoing email so you never accidentally open a file, which comes in your email, which is a virus. It is never a good idea to open any type of file, which comes in your email box without scanning it first. In addition, if you get an email that tells you to check your account and includes a link, you would be very wise to type the web address into your browser and see if the email is legitimate or is an expedition, as Norton will not recognize that.

Identity theft is an immense problem that is making the news these days, and with this Norton Internet Security software, you can be assured that no one is able to steal your personal information, as this software protects from web sites.

It is never a smart idea to have bank account numbers on financial software on your computer, however if you choose to do this then you can rest assured with this Norton Internet Security your bank account numbers are safe from hackers, web sites, identity thieves and others who would do you harm.

Your bank accounts are not the only thing web sites are after; they want passwords to your papal account as well as email passwords. With Norton Internet Security, you do not have to worry about anything on your computer as long as you get the required free updates that come with the subscription

If you or anyone who uses your computer uses instant messengers, this Norton Internet Security software will also protect your computer while those instant messengers are running. This way you cannon accidentally download a file from a friend’ that contains up a virus. Currently this protects the major three instant messenger programs, aim, yahoo, and msn.

No one will be able to hijack your computer and use it to surf to other sites and do harm because of the Norton Internet Security features, which block hackers from being able to grab your computer for their own pleasures. A small pop up window will alert you to a recent hacking attempt but will also tell you the attempt was thwarted and the credit here goes to the firewall in the software.

Not only does Norton Internet Security protect your computer in every way mentioned in this article it also will help you keep your children safe by allowing you to block unwanted sites from being found by search engines. You can set the parental controls in Norton Internet Security to block out sites by keywords as well as internet web addresses, making it very family friendly as well.

As a parent, I trust Norton Internet Security to keep my children safe when they are doing homework online or surfing the internet. The parental controls have a password on it, so I am not worried that my children will go in there and change the web sites I do not condone. This keeps them safe, as well as my computer, which is truly a family computer.

Norton Internet Security will automatically search the internet daily for virus updates, and it is important to install these updates as they come in. Those virus protection updates are free with your yearly subscription fee, and are extremely helpful to safeguard your computer.…

Firewalls and Internet Security – Your First Defense

Firewalls and Internet Security - Your First Defense

Firewalls and Internet Security - Your First DefenseInternet security is a growing concern for the average user. It seems like the Internet is full of viruses and worms – you may even have had to deal with some yourself. A computer is an important tool, an investment worth taking care of. Let’s look at some basic security concepts and their importance in everyday computing.

What is a port?

Much like a harbor is a safe haven for ships, a port is a place where information can enter and leave your computer. Firewalls are the harbors that shelter these ports and allow traffic. Ports are not physical openings; they are doorways that can be opened and closed. Data from networks comes through these ports and interacts with your computer.

Why does it matter?

If every port was open on a computer, you would have no control over what information is received by your computer. It’s not wise to leave your front door wide opened and unlocked, so why should you treat your computer differently? Firewalls can be configured to filter outgoing traffic as well, effectively blocking access to sites and providing a parental control over Internet access.

What’s a firewall?

Your first and foremost defense from the outside world is to do the obvious: close doorways. If someone was breaking into your house, you’d close the door – and lock it too. Firewalls can do this by ‘closing’ ports. If a port is closed, it receives no traffic. Firewalls also filter the data coming through. You may open your door for a neighbor, but not for a someone who looks suspicious or dangerous.

What is a ‘stealth’ port?

When a port receives data, in can optionally send data back. This information is often useful, showing the user what service is running for that port. It’s the equivalent of having ‘The Smiths’ printed on your door. If a port is in ‘stealth’ mode, it won’t send any information back. The potential burglar may leave non-the-wiser. This is commonly referred to a ‘filtered’ port because it ‘filters’ traffic.

Where and How can I get a firewall?

Many programs exist to setup your firewall for you, with handy graphical interfaces that let you set limits on who you send information to (and who you receive it from). It’s likely that a firewall came with your operating system, such as the popular “iptables” for Linux. Firewalls can be software on your operating system or embedded in hardware…

What is Internet Link Load Balancing and Link Load Balancer

What is Internet Link Load Balancing and Link Load Balancer

What is Internet Link Load Balancing and Link Load Balancer

Large enterprises use more than one link to direct customers to a service or a website. More than one link is used to prevent disruption in service due to a failure on the part of the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Link load balancing helps these enterprises utilize the different backup links in their full capacity. This not only increases the reliability but also improves the overall access to the website.

Why is Link Load Balancing Important For Enterprises

Large enterprises that cannot allow access to the business services, to go down at any point of time, use more than one link and more than one internet service provider for this purpose to connect to the internet. Multiple internet service provider links help the enterprise to have a backup link in case of the failure of one of the links connecting the internal network of the enterprise to the internet.

When not in use, a backup link is mostly idle, i.e., the backup link is not fully utilized by the enterprise. Link load balancing technology is used by a load balancing appliance called the link load balancer which manages the different links connecting the internal network of the enterprise with the internet.


What is Link Load Balancing Technology

As discussed above, enterprises use more than one ISP link to connect the internal network to the internet or an external network. A link load balancing mechanism allows the enterprise to aggregate the bandwidth capacities of all these links and distributes the traffic on all available links.

The point to note is that all the links that connect to the internet are individually capable of handling the traffic. The purpose is to eliminate the risk of a single point of failure. When several links connect the internal network to the internet, and even when one of them fails, a link balancer simply diverts all traffic from the failed link to the one that is functioning well.

How do Link Load Balancing and Link Load Balancer Function

A link load balancer is placed between the enterprise internal network and the different links that connect to the internet through various internet service providers. The link load balancing device allows the use of all the possible links to connect through the internet. When a new request is registered, the link balancer simply diverts the request to the link that has lesser traffic thereby allowing greater bandwidth.

Link balancer also check for the health of the links. They try to divert traffic to the link that is seen in better health. The most advanced balancer use end to end checking of health by determining the response time of the link. This helps them to divert the bulk of the traffic to the most healthy links and ask for maintenance of the unhealthy link.

Link Load Balancing Advantages

There are various advantages that are associated with link load balancing. A server may receive unprecedented requests for a service, that may well exceed the bandwidth of a single link, resulting in possible failure of the link and hence a disruption in the service. Also, the requirement of a 24*7 access to services compel enterprises to prevent any loss in communication.

Link load balancing helps against these threats. While it fairly increases the reliability of the system, it also increases the bandwidth provided for the services.…