Writing Web Site Content 101: Cut to the Chase and Give Your Readers What They Want


cut to the chase

When You Write Your Articles and Blog for the Way People Search Out Info on Google, Your Web Site Content Should Reflect Those Keywords


According to Phantom SEO specialists, a really great summary that should be placed in your article would be defined as the main summation of who your subject is, what exactly took place during the experience you are describing along with when and how the incident occurred.

You should never use more than 60 words in describing this summary either. Always keep your summaries action-packed and full of life so that the reader will be compelled to read more.

Sentence length should never be more than 25 words total and paragraphs should not contain more than 75 words so that your web site content can continue to move along at a rapid pace while still giving your reader all the relevant info that they can handle.

The first sentence in a paragraph is the main catalyst that will get the reader to move on through the rest of your article, so make sure that sentence is the most compelling one you can possibly think of before you write it.


A good way to make sure that everybody sees all of your articles or your weekly blog content is by using the correct keywords that people are searching for every day. A great and free keyword tool you should bookmark immediately is Google’s “Keyword Tool” found on their AdSense page.

Just by clicking on the Google keyword tool’s search button and putting in a keyword phrase that describes what your next article’s subject matter is, Google will show you the most popular keywords that their users are searching for. If you use the correct amount of keyword density, your article should be able to get a great Google page ranking.

Your web site content should contain two to three pertinent and popular keywords that best describes your overall article content for them to do their job. Never use your keywords more than 10% of your total page content or Google will penalize you for “keyword stuffing”. You definitely want to stay on Google’s good side at all times, or your future web success will take a turn for the worse.


Since most people reading on the web today scan through all of your main articles first, the most important writing technique you can ever use will be to start developing great paragraph headings as soon as possible. If your heading in the first article they come across in one of your web site content pages is boring or dull, guess what? That’s right, they will immediately click out of your web pages and head for another similar site without even bothering to check out the rest of your article. By developing great paragraph headings you will make sure that your future web viewers will never click out of your articles ever again.


  1. Keep all of your headings to six words or less
    2. The headings should contain all of the best keywords you already found using the Google “keyword tool”
    3. Edit out all of the adjectives and prepositions that are not necessary
    4. Avoid any “professor-like” fancy words that are really not necessary at all


To polish up your article writing , you really need to constantly edit out all unnecessary words from your article or blog content on a daily basis. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional writer who can. You should be taking at least a fourth of the time to edit your articles as it does to write them, or else you are not spending enough time editing your work to make it really shine.

It should take you at least three edits to make sure your web site content is ready to be web-published and you have to edit for style and tone during that first edit. The next two edits should be done by correcting and deleting all grammatical errors and spelling errors you still have left in your blog or article content. By editing your work thoroughly, you should have no problem in getting as many web viewers as you need to ensure great online success.…

Acrylic Abstract Painting Materials for Beginners


8 Ways On How To Get The Most From This Abstract Painting Materials | Abstract Painting Materials | Painting tools, Painting tutorial abstract, Painting supplies

Think you need to take a class in order to learn acrylic abstract painting? You can begin acrylic abstract painting with no instruction and without spending a lot of money on class fees or on materials. All you need to begin acrylic abstract painting is the desire to have fun with color and texture and a willingness to lose control.

I started acrylic abstract painting four years ago. I needed another custom painting creative outlet, one that I didn’t take as seriously as writing. In high school art classes, I became convinced that watercolor was too hard to control and oil painting was just plain out of the question – too many steps involved, too expensive. I never got the chance to explore acrylic abstract painting.

Did you dabble in painting as a kid, then decide it was for those “naturally talented” people? Do you feel drawn to art supply stores, but become overwhelmed by all of the different materials and instruction books? If so, you too might find a haven in acrylic abstract painting.

I won’t give you a lot of rules or explanation about acrylic abstract painting. Rules are beside the point. The idea is simply to begin acrylic abstract painting and see what happens.

Art teachers may insist that you need Brush Style X, Y, and Z and Paint Brand Q to start acrylic abstract painting. My only guides as I browse art supply store aisles are my gut and my wallet.

Acrylic Abstract Painting: Canvas

When I create an abstract acrylic painting, I like to play at being a “real” painter, so I buy canvases. Generally, canvases come in three levels of quality: economy, studio, and gallery. For my abstract acrylic painting, studio quality suits me fine. You do get what you pay for, as with most products. Economy is usually stapled around the sides, and it tends to buckle (I’m pretty hard on my canvases). Gallery is sturdy, but far more expensive.

You may be perfectly happy creating an acrylic abstract painting from a “canvas panel” – a piece of cardboard with a primed canvas-like texture on one side. A canvas panel needs to be handled gently, but for under $10, you can buy a pack of five small panels or several larger panels. You can then start a series of acrylic abstract paintings for very little money.

Acrylic Abstract Painting: Colors

Paint also varies widely in price. If you’re just starting to explore acrylic abstract painting, your best bet is to buy a small pack of basic colors. I admit, I trembled as I selected my first Reeves Acrylic Colour Set, although it was under $9. Were those 12 tiny tubes really going to allow me to create my first acrylic abstract painting? At 0.4 fluid ounces per tube, I was amazed by how much color I got from them. When I create an acrylic abstract painting, I use gobs of paint, yet one set lasted through three nine-by-twelve-inch canvases. You can also buy sets of larger tubes which contain only white, black, blue, red and yellow paint. With this array, if you recall your kindergarten color wheel, you can create any color you wish.

Acrylic Abstract Painting: Brushes

This is where most of us freeze up – all those shapes, sizes, textures! Remember, acrylic abstract painting means fun, so make things easy on yourself. Look for the “bargain” brushes ($1 to $2 each) and grab a couple – one round, one flat, or whatever you’d like to experiment with. If you’re feeling adventurous about acrylic abstract painting, buy an economy pack of brushes. Yes, the bristles will fall out, sometimes becoming a part of the painting.

That’s all you need to start acrylic abstract painting. Ordinary household items – empty glass jars for water to rinse brushes, paper towels, layers of newspaper – will complete your set of materials. I did it for a total of just under $20 and so can you. The less you spend on materials for acrylic abstract painting, the more you’ll be able to lose control and just paint without fretting over the outcome. Let go and have fun!…

Link Building Techniques

Link Building Techniques

Link Building Techniques

Link Building is considered to be one of the hot topics for SEOs. The following are some expert tips that can help you build links in 2021. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, here are some useful tips that any professional SEO agency is using today.

If you are looking to find ways in order to gain more traffic to your website, link building techniques can help you enormously. The key is to build quality links that point to your website in order to grow your online business. But how can you start?

  1.  Article Submission

Even if you write great articles, you need to know how you can share them with your target audience. The best way is to use an article submission site. You need to remember that links that are created through these sites are of high quality and can help you rank better on search engine platforms. Just make sure to create an engaging article that is more that 1,000 words for better SEO.

  1. Web 2.0 submission sites

These sites can help you have links that link back to your web page. Today the internet uses more advanced tools and you can learn a lot of ways to be able to control what you want to post and how you want your content viewed online.

  1.  Guest Posting

If you are well experienced with Internet, you can find a number of platforms that accept guest posts. When you use this kind of posting, you can also include a backlink to your post that links back to your website.

  1. Classified Posting

There are a number of classifies sites online, where you can post your own ads online. This way you can start generating more traffic.

  1. Blog Posting & Submission 

One of the first things that you should do online is to create your own blog. Then, you can connect it to your website, where you can post informative content, news about your services or you can even post some great photos. Unless if you can spend a lot of money in order to gain targeted traffic to your site.

  1. Press Release Submission 

Even though this is not considered to be a link building technique, it can help you to gain more visibility online. It’s important to know how you can get your website news to the media. By submitting a press release, your news release is hosted on various and reliable sites that can help you gain more traffic.

  1. Photo Sharing 

Try to use photo sharing sites on the internet. This way, your site will be included in various search engine images and rank your site for related keywords.

  1.  Niche Directory Submission 

If you do submit your website to these directories, you can build a good brand recognition. If visitors get the chance to see your website on different directories, they probably might end up check your services. You can find many niche directories online, but you need to focus to the ones that are more related to your company and services.

  1. Question & Answers Sites 

You can use Question and Answers Sites to help others who are looking for answers online. But make sure you include your backlinks as well.…

Start an Internet Business from Home: Small Secrets That Make It Easy

Start an Internet Business from Home: Small Secrets That Make It Easy

Start an Internet Business from Home: Small Secrets That Make It Easy

Internet businesses are easy to start if you decide not to do everything yourself. Outsourcing technical work at inexpensive rates is the secret. The right service providers can make your work a breeze.

Many of us are tempted to start an Internet business from home. The convenience of working from home and being our own bosses is very alluring, but we may hesitate thinking about the technicalities and know how required to do so. Another thought that may keep us, is the cost involved.

Well, be pleasantly surprised to know that all your doubts are ill founded and internet business is none of the above things! You might ask: do you have to be a computer expert? How can you make a website? And the answer is: you do not need either special skills or loads of money to start out on your own online business. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

The most important part is to design a website and launch it online for others to see. This is what we commonly call web hosting. A computer or server is connected 24/7 to the internet and hosts your website for others to visit whenever they want.

This requires a lot of technical know how and you need to be highly skilled and dedicate long hours to accomplish this. It naturally makes no sense to do this on your own, so what do you do? All you need to do is find a good web host who will do all this for you for a small monthly fee. They will take care of all the technical stuff.

You can easily find a web host who fits your budget. There are lots of inexpensive web hosts available who will help you out. They will charge a very nominal monthly fee and host your WebPages for the world to see all the time. A good host will rarely if ever have a technical breakdown.

Choose from the many web hosts available. Expensive doesn’t really mean high quality and very inexpensive may turn out more expensive (due to repeated failures) in the long run. You want to find a web host that doesn’t cost much and yet does not compromise on the basic services required to keep your website floating.

Inexpensive hosts can provide you with excellent services though they may not be able to give you premium stuff. The minimum you need is an efficient and friendly customer support service and that your WebPages are available all the time.

Your host should let you change or update your content whenever you wish to do so. All the links to and from it should be working properly. If you have interactive features on your page it should work without a hitch. This is the most important feature as it is your link to your potential customers or clients. Blog platforms can prove very reliable for this feature.

Your customers can now reach you easily, but can you respond to them promptly? You need good autoresponder software to reach out to your customers even when you are not around. This software ensures that every visitor who leaves a query will receive a courteous mail almost immediately, acknowledging their interest. You can easily follow them up with customized replies.

A few right steps will kick start your online business without any hassles.…

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Marketing Experts

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Marketing Experts

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Marketing Experts

With more and more of the world’s population going online, the internet has totally transformed the way we all do business. Consumers are turning to internet searches to find the best or closest business for their needs, relying on social media and online customer reviews to make their choice. In order to remain a profitable company, your business has to meet these needs by increasing your presence online. Without a marketing degree, you may feel like you don’t have the digital savvy to properly support your business’ launch into the online world, but you don’t have to let your business flounder without an online presence. You can take your business to the next level by turning too tried and tested marketing experts who will help you embrace 2015 and get your business online.

Creating a successful online presence can be easy with the right help. An experienced marketing consultant will understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the always changing online climate, using only the most advanced and reliable tools to assess your current internet marketing situation and establish a new, more effective direction. They won’t be afraid to tell you which new fads to stay away from, instead only suggesting proven strategies that will get you results.

You may be familiar with the marketing success of social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. Having a profile on these websites can greatly increase your company’s traffic as people like and share your posts, and with the help from marketing experts, you’ll be able to transform these likes into dollar signs.

While these experts work to have online users follow and spread your company’s brand for you, they also employ lesser known techniques to ensure your business will be included in the top internet searches. With SEO tactics, experienced marketing consultants will use reliable research to determine the best keywords you should be using to link your blog and sites to popular web search engines. That way, when someone attempts to search online for a service you provide, your company’s website will consistently come out on top.

Getting started can be as easy checking out Themarketinggarage.ca/internet-marketing-consultant-toronto to see what strategies would best work for your company. While on their site, you can see just how successful their approach to internet marketing has been for other businesses—big and small. Don’t be left behind in the last century. Make sure you take advantage of all the tools 2015 has to offer, and get your brand online.…

3 Ways to spruce up your product descriptions and why you should

3 Ways to spruce up your product descriptions and why you should

3 Ways to spruce up your product descriptions and why you should

Persuasive, informational, and original product descriptions can help your ecommerce business increase conversions and sales. But writing unique content that engages and informs shoppers isn’t always easy. Within 80 to 100 words you must briefly describe the selling points and benefits of each of your products and include SEO keywords that will attract your target market audience.

Companies that go the easier route and copy their competitor’s product descriptions often do poorly because of Google’s Farmer algorithm, an update to the search engine that heavily penalizes retailers that copy product descriptions from competitors, or that use the exact copies of descriptions suggested by suppliers.

Regardless of search engine penalizations, it is always a good idea to write attractive, fresh product descriptions that catch shoppers’  interest, relieve concerns, and communicate the value of buying a product from your company.

Following are some useful suggestions about how to write exceptional, genuine product descriptions for your ecommerce website.

Know your Target Audience

The organic site visitor is the quintessential component that determines the voice, structure and benefits used in your product descriptions. It’s always surprising that companies can sometimes forget about a large portion of their target market when writing up their copy. For example, let’s take the company I recently rewrote product descriptions for:

When I first came to USB Memory Direct, they advertised themselves as a marketing company that specialized in selling personalized USB drives solely for small business promotions and corporate events.

I later found that a significant portion of that specific market audience came from High Schools, Colleges and Technical schools that would attach the USB drives to Lanyards use them to promote their various enrollment workshops, afterschool activities and magnet programs. They were missing out of a good chunk of their business simply because they hadn’t explored the extent of their target audience.

Understanding your audience as a whole, and knowing each of the individual parts is vital to writing an ecommerce copy that sells and attracts shoppers.

Incorporate SEO Keywords

Search Engine Optimization keywords are cataloged by Google and used to rank pages within its search results. By using the correct SEO keywords, you can rank better throughout Google’s search results and gain more traffic to your ecommerce site.

Generally, your product descriptions should be anywhere between 80-100 words long, depending on your website design and content management system. This won’t leave too much room for keywords.

Longer articles tend to benefit more from the use of multiple search terms but in the case of product descriptions, try using one good keyword.

Include the keyword throughout the:

  • Title Tag
  • META Tag
  • Headline
  • Product Image Captions
  • Description Body

At a rate of about 3-5%. Google recommends this percentage to avoid having your site coming across as “spammy” or disinteresting.

Update and Rewrite

There will always be room for a little improvement. Change a few descriptions up a bit and gear them towards a particular market audience. Replace a word here and there on a headline. Gradually rewrite your product descriptions and test the search traffic results and conversions against the original version. You can use Google Analytics to read comprehensive reports on visitor traffic, demographics, and time spent on your web pages.…

Google Joins The CPA Crowd

Google Joins The CPA Crowd

Google Joins The CPA Crowd

Google just recently announced that they will be beta testing a Cost-Per-Action Adwords feature soon. This feature will allow advertisers to only pay for advertising once a sale is made and/or a lead is generated, just like a CPA affiliate program.

According to the details Google has released, the Google Adwords CPA program will work just like most affiliate programs, but will run on the Google Adsense content network. Google will not display the CPA ads on its search network.

How/where/when will the ads be displayed? Google says that “publishers in the Google content network can choose to place your ads on their website”. If the CPA ads work like other Google Adwords though, the system will automatically select and display the most lucrative ads to display on a website. This would mean that it will be very, very important that advertisers make their offer as lucrative as possible. It remains to be seen though, how much manual control advertisers will have in selecting ads.

By combining their massive advertiser base, their content network, and the Adwords infrastructure, Google may very well have set themselves up to be the new leader in the affiliate marketing field. We’ll just have to wait and see!…

Essential Marketing Skills for Small Business Owners

Essential Marketing Skills for Small Business Owners

Essential Marketing Skills for Small Business Owners

The gap between small business and big business marketing is closing as the world gets smaller and smaller each day. Just a few years ago a small business had no means to reach the type of audience as a big business. Now the smallest business in the world can find a global market in no time flat. Using these three marketing skills, you can develop skills that will lead to great things for your business.

Learn Adaptability

Going with the flow has always been a major part of marketing, and it always will be. However, in 2013 and beyond, adaptability will be more crucial than ever. We live in a constantly changing world, one with a ton more opportunities than your marketing ancestors had to contend with. Just keeping up with the new technology can be a headache.

Your audience is in a constant state of flux, and they’ve always got something else going on in their lives. They’re buying new phones and tablets, they’re trying out new areas of town, and they’re trying out new things because a friend from high school recommended it on Facebook. If you’re not taking advantage of all these things you’re missing out on potential sales.

Coca-Cola started out going door-to-door selling the drink to shops and anyone else who wanted it. It worked in the 1800s, sure, but sticking to that plan didn’t make them a worldwide brand. Changing with the times did.

Learn how to make videos, even if it’s just with your built in web cam. Get on Pinterest and Instagram. Learn the right way to run a Facebook sweepstakes while staying on the right side of the law. All of these things are marketing skills unique to the here and now. Time to adapt!


The age of the faceless business is coming to an end (if it hasn’t already). If you don’t have at least some web presence then many consumers get suspicious. Furthermore, if that web presence doesn’t include something about the company’s story, it can also further ostracize customers.

Don’t take this the wrong way – if you don’t have a good product or solid business practices you’ll be called on it, no matter how good your story is. But if you’ve worked hard on starting up your company – saving pennies and learning your trade over the years – people want to know about it. They love hearing success stories and yours is interesting, Don’t go off the deep end with it – make it short, snappy, and fun to read. No matter how great your story is nobody wants to read a novel before they buy your wares.

Figure Out Why People Need What You’re Selling

A long time ago I worked for a company that sold entertainment items – books, movies, music, etc. My manager Dave told me the greatness of the store was “we don’t sell anything here anybody actually needs.” Unfortunately, they went out of business a few years later.

I liked Dave but he was dead wrong on this approach. Sure, in a Pavlov’s Hierarchy of Needs-sense nobody needed the latest Backstreet Boys single. In a different sense, though, they absolutely did. There are many stories of people rushing into the store looking for a song they just heard on the radio they “have to have, right now.” Sounds like need to me!

Don’t think of the items you sell as “want vs. need.” Assume your customers need everything you’re selling. It may not be food or water, but they need it nonetheless. You just have to figure out why so you can remind them of that fact every so often.…

AdWords Change In Ad Placement Formula Means More $$ for Us!

AdWords Change In Ad Placement Formula Means More $$ for Us!

AdWords Change In Ad Placement Formula Means More $$ for Us!And by $$ I mean more ability for profit and possibly cost as well. Announced August 8th Google will be making “an improvement to the top ad placement formula.” This change is supposed to bring “increasing control for advertisers.” However this means that they will swing focus on “actual” CPC to maximum CPC. In the past your CPC/actual CPC has been a large factor of what those BELOW you have been bidding. This new formula means that “your ad’s eligibility to be promoted is no longer dependent on the bids of advertisers below you” but more so on how high your Max CPC is. Don’t worry Quality Score is still a big key to your CPC and Position. Although we may see more CPC’s near our maximum bids instead of where they are now. For several of my clients our CPC is always about 1/2 of our Max bid, and we place in the top 3 every time. From my understanding this could mean that what you put down as your max will be what you pay, or closer to. We will have to wait and see how this really affects things. For some of my clients it could mean a lot of cash in increased CPC, the need to use position preference, and closer monitoring day in and day out. They say “We anticipate that most of your ads will continue to perform as they have in the past.” But only time will tell on this change. It could be really cool at the same time. It may mean that some of my clients competitors with a little bit better quality score that have a lower max CPC we can now beat out in position. And that could mean a lot more cash in profits in the end. Please comment on any changes that you notice in your own campaigns. More feedback from other AdWords advertisers on the results of this change could help us all.
/Back to Basics: Search Engine Marketing 101 /

Without SEM, a website will never be seen as well as it would with SEM in place and if a site is not seen as much, it will not receive as much traffic as it may need to be successful. Without traffic, then there can be no sales. Without sales, a business cannot survive. It is a simple cycle that creates a complex problem. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the problem, and it is called Search Engine Marketing. SEM is the one best way to promote a business’ website, products and services, because making sales is effectively the only way to increase their Return on Investment, keeping any business afloat.

What Types of SEM are Available?

Search Engine Marketing comes in various forms, and whether pay per click advertising, organic SEO, article marketing, or another method is used, the goal is usually the same; driving traffic to the site to increase sales and ROI. Other ways of strategic SEM include article content placement and article marketing using organic SEO techniques – a much better alternative to the pre-Panda techniques.

Understanding Page Rank: Using the proper SEM techniques, the search engines give a website a rank from one to 10, and from that ranking, the site placed on a search engine’s results page (SERP). This ranking on the SERP is determined based on a few important and strategic factors including the number of and popularity of keywords searched for appearing on the website, number and quality of links pointing to it, and relevant content appearing on the website in relation to the keyword searched, among other important factors.

Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is the art of getting people to remember your brand. This is crucial to Search Engine Marketing. If visitors do not know what a business is about, or what a business does, it is less likely that they will visit your website. To counteract this, many business owners pay for banner ads to appear at the top of target (similar) websites or pay services so that their sponsored listings appear on a search engine results page. Both these are ways of using targeted marketing techniques to raise awareness of the product or service offered at a business’ website.

Article Marketing: Article marketing is another of the most popular ways to get a website noticed. Writing an article based on targeted keywords that are relevant to the goods or services offered by a business and then submitting those articles to article directories, or having them published as guest blogs can help get any website noticed for a few reasons. First, the backlinks allowed in the articles lead to the website in question. If the quality of the site that the article appears on is good, then it can raise the page rank naturally so the content and the website become more visible.

While some people may believe that Search Engine Marketing is outdated, they are dead wrong because Search engine marketing will survive as long as search engines do. Going back to basics and using basic SEM techniques has specific advantages over using traditional advertising techniques as well. The relative cost to advertise is lower than if you were to use traditional advertising outlets. The more articles and backlinks a website has appearing on quality websites, the more effective a SEM campaign can be, and the more visible a site and business becomes.

The trick is to make the website visible within search engine results pages (SERPs), because if it is not, then it will not receive traffic, leading to lost sales. Search Engine Marketing helps a website become visible, ideally reaching the top spots of the first three pages – and preferably the first – if it is done right.…

5 Web Design Issues That Frustrate Your Visitors

5 Web Design Issues That Frustrate Your Visitors

5 Web Design Issues That Frustrate Your Visitors

When you are out surfing the web and you land on someone’s website, what are some things that frustrate you?  The following is a brief list of five things that can be extremely frustrating for visitors when it comes to web surfing.  *This may be a clue to you to step it up and make some changes!

  1. Too Much Text- We get it; you have a lot to say.  However, having too much text on one page can be (and is) a real turn off to visitors.  Remember, when people are browsing through (not reading) your website, they are scanning for certain pieces of information. This is where it helps to a) know your audience and b) throw some different headlines in there to break up the text.
  2. Not Enough Text- If you don’t have enough text on a page, it may give off the impression that there is nothing that you can really contribute; and this may affect your credibility for whatever you’re selling.  Learn how to balance text with web design layout as well as pictures to give a more visually appealing affect.
  3. Layout- As a general rule, someone visiting your site should be able to figure out what the site is about within 2-3 seconds.  If this doesn’t happen, then your website is a failure.  Part of the reason people’s websites fail is due to the layout of the design.  People should be able to find the title of your site in a prominent place on the page.  Your contact and “about” information should also be in a place where readers will easily be able to see it.
  4. Flash- Flash is the bane of existence for many people.   Sure, it’s great in e-cards (although that is still sort of annoying), but most of the time it has no place on a professional web page.  Many people’s computers aren’t equipped to run Flash, and for others running Flash significantly slows down the process of actually viewing the site.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on a website where it says “uploading” and clicked right off. Avoid it if you can.
  5. Color Schemes- Aside from just about everything else that can go wrong with a website, color is a major issue.  People aren’t going to stay on a page that is too dark or too bright because it makes it difficult to read the text.  Similarly, another huge issue is color contrast.  Remember that cute little color wheel that you learned about back in grade school?  Perhaps more of us should have paid closer attention.  Certain colors look great together on various screen resolutions, but you really have to be careful to pick the right colors.  You want a color that is going to be readable while, at the same time, easy on the eyes.