5 Web Design Issues That Frustrate Your Visitors

5 Web Design Issues That Frustrate Your Visitors

5 Web Design Issues That Frustrate Your Visitors

When you are out surfing the web and you land on someone’s website, what are some things that frustrate you?  The following is a brief list of five things that can be extremely frustrating for visitors when it comes to web surfing.  *This may be a clue to you to step it up and make some changes!

  1. Too Much Text- We get it; you have a lot to say.  However, having too much text on one page can be (and is) a real turn off to visitors.  Remember, when people are browsing through (not reading) your website, they are scanning for certain pieces of information. This is where it helps to a) know your audience and b) throw some different headlines in there to break up the text.
  2. Not Enough Text- If you don’t have enough text on a page, it may give off the impression that there is nothing that you can really contribute; and this may affect your credibility for whatever you’re selling.  Learn how to balance text with web design layout as well as pictures to give a more visually appealing affect.
  3. Layout- As a general rule, someone visiting your site should be able to figure out what the site is about within 2-3 seconds.  If this doesn’t happen, then your website is a failure.  Part of the reason people’s websites fail is due to the layout of the design.  People should be able to find the title of your site in a prominent place on the page.  Your contact and “about” information should also be in a place where readers will easily be able to see it.
  4. Flash- Flash is the bane of existence for many people.   Sure, it’s great in e-cards (although that is still sort of annoying), but most of the time it has no place on a professional web page.  Many people’s computers aren’t equipped to run Flash, and for others running Flash significantly slows down the process of actually viewing the site.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on a website where it says “uploading” and clicked right off. Avoid it if you can.
  5. Color Schemes- Aside from just about everything else that can go wrong with a website, color is a major issue.  People aren’t going to stay on a page that is too dark or too bright because it makes it difficult to read the text.  Similarly, another huge issue is color contrast.  Remember that cute little color wheel that you learned about back in grade school?  Perhaps more of us should have paid closer attention.  Certain colors look great together on various screen resolutions, but you really have to be careful to pick the right colors.  You want a color that is going to be readable while, at the same time, easy on the eyes.

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