A Forum For Bloggers

A Forum For Bloggers

In our interview with Chris Hanisco, she told us that the way she (unintentionally) caught the attention of scouts at NBC World News Tonight and Family Circle Magazine was through forum posts where she regular offers genuine advice to other entrepreneurs.

Here’s a forum you might be interested in that is especially for bloggers:

We’ve been hanging out there recently and have found it to be a good resource for advice and for meeting other bloggers.

Chris offered some suggestions about how to realize the greatest benefits of posting on forums:

  • Offer genuine advice – don’t post just for links
  • Write a compelling introduction post
  • Stay active – choose a community and really get involved

Whether it’s this forum or another, it can be very rewarding both personally and professionally to become an active member in forums.

Do you currently participate in forums?  Why or why not?  If so, which do you find the most beneficial?

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