Advertising Gifts – A Traditional Marketing Method with a Modern Twist

Advertising Gifts – A Traditional Marketing Method with a Modern Twist

Advertising Gifts – A Traditional Marketing Method with a Modern Twist

Let’s get one thing straight. Handing out advertising gifts to clients and potential customers is not outdated. It’s a traditional marketing method that’s leapt into the twenty-first century. And it’s simple yet effective charms are still enticing businesses looking to gain a competitive edge.

But what different types of product are now available? And how can they help market a company and foster brand awareness?

Well, all businesses are looking for items that guarantee usability while at the same time offering a marketing platform.

In other words, there’s no point handing out gifts that are of little use and will just get thrown away. With budgets tighter than ever it’s vital to ensure an investment in promotional goods pays off.

Gifts need to also provide a way that enables businesses promote their services.

This can work in any one of two ways:

  1. The Memorable Souvenir. OK, so you’re handing out tokens of appreciation at a trade event, conference or exhibition. They’re not branded and they bear little relation to what your company actually does. But that doesn’t have to matter. So long as the item is memorable the recipient will still have a physical and visual reminder of where it came from. And what your company is busy doing. After all, even a room full of CNC turners could do with a beach towel. And they’ll think of your business while splashing in the sea.
  2. A visibly branded item. Let’s go nuclear, as it were. Hit them with all you’ve got. Make sure your company logo and message is emblazoned prominently across your gift. Soon your business will be permanently etched in the minds of consumers. But you can still be ostentatious while remaining tasteful. And modern gifts are all about functionality as well as promotion.

Modern Solutions for Today’s Needs

That last point leads neatly on to a further examination of modern advertising gifts. What’s out there? And is it fit for purpose?

The latter obviously depends on what the need is. Touch-screen gloves enable iPod and iPhone owners to use their devices and keep their hands warm. No more having to constantly take gloves off just to send a text or make a call.

This example would certainly sit well in the ‘memorable souvenir’ category. The gloves might not have a logo or symbol on them. But they’ll be appreciated and get plenty of use. However, what about a solution that combines this kind of permanence with powerful branding opportunities? For example, creative manufacturers have devised earphone winder cards. As the name suggests they’re used for winding round earphones into special cut outs. Therefore, there are no more tangles, as one prominent shampoo marketing campaign once stated about its products. Furthermore, a printed surface area allows space for a motif, logo or message to be included. Not only are these cards useful they also display marketing savvy.

Advertising gifts need to make a statement. Whether they’re branded or not the items a business offers its clients should serve a purpose and be memorable. After all, they might only be small tokens of appreciation. But they’re showcasing a company and reflect its values.

Thankfully, innovators of the contemporary variety have stumbled upon a winning formula. This combines the functionality of useable products with visible branding opportunities. It’s a modern twist that’s boosting the fortunes of a traditional marketing method.

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