AdWords Change In Ad Placement Formula Means More $$ for Us!

AdWords Change In Ad Placement Formula Means More $$ for Us!

AdWords Change In Ad Placement Formula Means More $$ for Us!And by $$ I mean more ability for profit and possibly cost as well. Announced August 8th Google will be making “an improvement to the top ad placement formula.” This change is supposed to bring “increasing control for advertisers.” However this means that they will swing focus on “actual” CPC to maximum CPC. In the past your CPC/actual CPC has been a large factor of what those BELOW you have been bidding. This new formula means that “your ad’s eligibility to be promoted is no longer dependent on the bids of advertisers below you” but more so on how high your Max CPC is. Don’t worry Quality Score is still a big key to your CPC and Position. Although we may see more CPC’s near our maximum bids instead of where they are now. For several of my clients our CPC is always about 1/2 of our Max bid, and we place in the top 3 every time. From my understanding this could mean that what you put down as your max will be what you pay, or closer to. We will have to wait and see how this really affects things. For some of my clients it could mean a lot of cash in increased CPC, the need to use position preference, and closer monitoring day in and day out. They say “We anticipate that most of your ads will continue to perform as they have in the past.” But only time will tell on this change. It could be really cool at the same time. It may mean that some of my clients competitors with a little bit better quality score that have a lower max CPC we can now beat out in position. And that could mean a lot more cash in profits in the end. Please comment on any changes that you notice in your own campaigns. More feedback from other AdWords advertisers on the results of this change could help us all.
/Back to Basics: Search Engine Marketing 101 /

Without SEM, a website will never be seen as well as it would with SEM in place and if a site is not seen as much, it will not receive as much traffic as it may need to be successful. Without traffic, then there can be no sales. Without sales, a business cannot survive. It is a simple cycle that creates a complex problem. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the problem, and it is called Search Engine Marketing. SEM is the one best way to promote a business’ website, products and services, because making sales is effectively the only way to increase their Return on Investment, keeping any business afloat.

What Types of SEM are Available?

Search Engine Marketing comes in various forms, and whether pay per click advertising, organic SEO, article marketing, or another method is used, the goal is usually the same; driving traffic to the site to increase sales and ROI. Other ways of strategic SEM include article content placement and article marketing using organic SEO techniques – a much better alternative to the pre-Panda techniques.

Understanding Page Rank: Using the proper SEM techniques, the search engines give a website a rank from one to 10, and from that ranking, the site placed on a search engine’s results page (SERP). This ranking on the SERP is determined based on a few important and strategic factors including the number of and popularity of keywords searched for appearing on the website, number and quality of links pointing to it, and relevant content appearing on the website in relation to the keyword searched, among other important factors.

Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is the art of getting people to remember your brand. This is crucial to Search Engine Marketing. If visitors do not know what a business is about, or what a business does, it is less likely that they will visit your website. To counteract this, many business owners pay for banner ads to appear at the top of target (similar) websites or pay services so that their sponsored listings appear on a search engine results page. Both these are ways of using targeted marketing techniques to raise awareness of the product or service offered at a business’ website.

Article Marketing: Article marketing is another of the most popular ways to get a website noticed. Writing an article based on targeted keywords that are relevant to the goods or services offered by a business and then submitting those articles to article directories, or having them published as guest blogs can help get any website noticed for a few reasons. First, the backlinks allowed in the articles lead to the website in question. If the quality of the site that the article appears on is good, then it can raise the page rank naturally so the content and the website become more visible.

While some people may believe that Search Engine Marketing is outdated, they are dead wrong because Search engine marketing will survive as long as search engines do. Going back to basics and using basic SEM techniques has specific advantages over using traditional advertising techniques as well. The relative cost to advertise is lower than if you were to use traditional advertising outlets. The more articles and backlinks a website has appearing on quality websites, the more effective a SEM campaign can be, and the more visible a site and business becomes.

The trick is to make the website visible within search engine results pages (SERPs), because if it is not, then it will not receive traffic, leading to lost sales. Search Engine Marketing helps a website become visible, ideally reaching the top spots of the first three pages – and preferably the first – if it is done right.

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