Aftermarket Car Safety Features that Could Get You an Insurance Discount

Aftermarket Car Safety Features that Could Get You an Insurance Discount

Aftermarket Car Safety Features that Could Get You an Insurance Discount

Sometimes vehicles aren’t equipped with the right kind of safety features. This is why many people choose to purchase aftermarket car safety equipment, which reduce the hazards of car operation while in some cases garnering you an insurance discount.

The danger, of course, is in buying poorly constructed aftermarket car safety features. Unless you are purchasing equipment from a reputable dealer with the appropriate certifications, your insurance company won’t lower your rates and you won’t be increasing the safety of your vehicle. In some cases, it is best to buy directly from the dealership, while in others, a reputable auto parts store will suffice.

Three-Point Safety Harnesses

Vehicles manufactured prior to 1974 might be equipped with lap belts instead of the modern safety harness. If you drive such a vehicle, you might want to purchase an aftermarket seatbelt kit to upgrade the safety of your car. This can result in an insurance discount because three-point safety harnesses are far more effective at reducing injuries in a collision.

Alarm System

Most vehicles can be retrofitted with aftermarket car safety features, such as alarm systems. In some cases, you’ll spend less on the aftermarket equipment than you would have by requesting that the dealership install one for you.

Keep in mind that alarm systems are constructed of complex equipment which requires changes to the electrical system in your car. This is why it is important to have a professional install it for you unless you are trained in doing it yourself. When installed correctly, alarm systems can earn an insurance discount because they reduce the possibility of vehicle theft.

Backup Cameras

Some cars can also be fitted with backup cameras to make collisions less likely. A backup camera provides a wide-angle view of the street, parking lot, or pedestrians behind you as you back up. If you watch the camera while in reverse, you are unlikely to hit someone or something else.

The problem is that cars with backup cameras are usually designed to accommodate this technology. Talk to an experienced mechanic who can outline the risks and benefits of aftermarket car safety features. Some cars are more easily equipped than others.

Risks of Aftermarket Car Safety Features

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by a third party, which means they don’t match the parts that the dealership would install in your car. Consequently, you must be careful which parts you buy and conduct research to ensure their reliability.

If you are looking specifically for an insurance discount, talk to your agent about what aftermarket car safety features are acceptable. Then research each part to find the optimum brand for your vehicle.

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