Inside Information on Wealthy Affiliates: Disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate University

Inside Information on Wealthy Affiliates: Disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate University

Inside Information on Wealthy Affiliates: Disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate UniversityEvery aspiring internet marketer would have heard about wealthy affiliates. Other than its very formidable website, they get their publicity from many wealthy affiliate reviews. These reviews are mostly posted by existing members of wealthy affiliate in a bid to attract more members to this celebrated program.

Listing the Advantages

The advantages of joining wealthy affiliates are many. The information provided is said to be the best available on the internet. Not only that, the program features an ever growing list of tools which help any novice internet marketer fast forward to complete authority in the marketing arena. This in alliance with their one on one support feature for new members makes it a truly comprehensive program. However, not everything is rosy and wonderful.

It is a fact that everything comes with its share of benefits and shortcomings. Wealthy Affiliate University is no exception. The program does have some disadvantages which are as follows:

  1. Membership Fees

This is one of the major reasons which keep people away from joining this otherwise great program. The membership is often deemed to high by many people. However, most existing members are of the view that the exclusive information and tools more than make up for the membership fees.

  1. No Place for Doubts

Even though Wealthy Affiliate University boasts of forms and other help sections, most new members complain about the ignorance directed at doubts and confusions. Since the information provided is overwhelming, it is only natural that one would have doubts creeping in his mind. Without proper addressal to doubts, one is left with incomplete knowledge which goes on to hamper his proficiency in the field.

  1. Lack of Phone Support

Most people find it easier to understand and take in knowledge when they get it by talking to a person. Even though it is quite impossible to teach everything regarding internet marketing to every member physically, it would be better even if the option limited itself to addressing doubts or giving small chunks of vital information.

  1. Less Emphasis on Multimedia

It is a fact that one can learn better if all his sensory organs are involved. Merely reading an eBook would not generate the kind of interest associated an interactive live session or even a DVD. This is one of the major shortcomings of Wealthy affiliate which showcases some of the best information available.

  1. Too Much Information

Most people might consider this as a plus point, but this is purely perceptional. Any new member is bound to feel flooded with information which is more than what he can handle. Given the abundance of information, it is quite normal to get confused as to where must one start from.

Make an Informed Choice

While deciding on wealthy affiliate university, it is essential that one correctly weighs his options. As mentioned before, everything, no matter how fascinating comes with its share of limitations. Wealthy affiliates program is widely regarded as the most comprehensive source for getting information on internet marketing. If one can keep these few limitations aside, he can truly pave his way to success.…

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Use Or Ignore Them?: Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Use Or Ignore Them?: Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Use Or Ignore Them?: Wealthy Affiliate ReviewA wealthy affiliate review is often referred to when you are unsure about how you can become a wealthy affiliate and make tons of money. However, do you really need to make use of them in order to get rich or is there a way in which you can become rich without having to try as hard? The answer might be a little more complicated than a simple yes or a no, but once you know the different things that you can expect from a review, it might be easier to make your decision.

Content – Length and approach

As with any good review, you would first want to be sure that you are reading things that are going to be of use to you and help you understand the product or the concept that the review is written on. Hence, with a wealthy affiliate review, this means that the review will have to talk about the concept of affiliation and help you understand how to get good at it. The length matters as a review that is too concise might be of little use and in the same manner, an overly long one might leave you confused and perplexed. Digression should be kept to the minimum, and avoidable if it is an option.

Content also means that the wealthy affiliate review should touch upon important criteria and explain them in an organized and systematic manner. Information overload is a common occurrence with such reviews, and such reviews should be avoided as much as possible. In fact, there are extremely knowledgeable people out there who are wealthy affiliates themselves but might not know how to impart this knowledge. If too many things are crammed in the review, you might get frustrated as you might not know what to make use of.

Practical solutions

Let’s face it, there is only so much that theoretical knowledge can take you forward in this area. Once you have all the knowledge required for the job, the next thing that you might need to do is to learn the practical aspects to it, so that you might be able to fine tune your existing knowledge. For this, the wealthy affiliate review should help you learn some useful practical tips that you can put to use when you try to become a wealthy affiliate. These are the things that books and other materials might not teach you, but things that are learnt while on the job.

There a number of poorly written reviews on the internet today. Another thing that should help you decide on whether or not the review is worth considering is the person who might have written. Some authors are really good at their job and can suggest you things that you might not have previously considered. Such reviews come by every now and then, so you might want to look out for these when you are performing your research online. Eventually, you will find the wealthy affiliate review that will suit your needs and help you get a better handle with the concept.…

Aftermarket Car Safety Features that Could Get You an Insurance Discount

Aftermarket Car Safety Features that Could Get You an Insurance Discount

Aftermarket Car Safety Features that Could Get You an Insurance Discount

Sometimes vehicles aren’t equipped with the right kind of safety features. This is why many people choose to purchase aftermarket car safety equipment, which reduce the hazards of car operation while in some cases garnering you an insurance discount.

The danger, of course, is in buying poorly constructed aftermarket car safety features. Unless you are purchasing equipment from a reputable dealer with the appropriate certifications, your insurance company won’t lower your rates and you won’t be increasing the safety of your vehicle. In some cases, it is best to buy directly from the dealership, while in others, a reputable auto parts store will suffice.

Three-Point Safety Harnesses

Vehicles manufactured prior to 1974 might be equipped with lap belts instead of the modern safety harness. If you drive such a vehicle, you might want to purchase an aftermarket seatbelt kit to upgrade the safety of your car. This can result in an insurance discount because three-point safety harnesses are far more effective at reducing injuries in a collision.

Alarm System

Most vehicles can be retrofitted with aftermarket car safety features, such as alarm systems. In some cases, you’ll spend less on the aftermarket equipment than you would have by requesting that the dealership install one for you.

Keep in mind that alarm systems are constructed of complex equipment which requires changes to the electrical system in your car. This is why it is important to have a professional install it for you unless you are trained in doing it yourself. When installed correctly, alarm systems can earn an insurance discount because they reduce the possibility of vehicle theft.

Backup Cameras

Some cars can also be fitted with backup cameras to make collisions less likely. A backup camera provides a wide-angle view of the street, parking lot, or pedestrians behind you as you back up. If you watch the camera while in reverse, you are unlikely to hit someone or something else.

The problem is that cars with backup cameras are usually designed to accommodate this technology. Talk to an experienced mechanic who can outline the risks and benefits of aftermarket car safety features. Some cars are more easily equipped than others.

Risks of Aftermarket Car Safety Features

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by a third party, which means they don’t match the parts that the dealership would install in your car. Consequently, you must be careful which parts you buy and conduct research to ensure their reliability.

If you are looking specifically for an insurance discount, talk to your agent about what aftermarket car safety features are acceptable. Then research each part to find the optimum brand for your vehicle.…

Acrylic Abstract Painting Materials for Beginners


8 Ways On How To Get The Most From This Abstract Painting Materials | Abstract Painting Materials | Painting tools, Painting tutorial abstract, Painting supplies

Think you need to take a class in order to learn acrylic abstract painting? You can begin acrylic abstract painting with no instruction and without spending a lot of money on class fees or on materials. All you need to begin acrylic abstract painting is the desire to have fun with color and texture and a willingness to lose control.

I started acrylic abstract painting four years ago. I needed another custom painting creative outlet, one that I didn’t take as seriously as writing. In high school art classes, I became convinced that watercolor was too hard to control and oil painting was just plain out of the question – too many steps involved, too expensive. I never got the chance to explore acrylic abstract painting.

Did you dabble in painting as a kid, then decide it was for those “naturally talented” people? Do you feel drawn to art supply stores, but become overwhelmed by all of the different materials and instruction books? If so, you too might find a haven in acrylic abstract painting.

I won’t give you a lot of rules or explanation about acrylic abstract painting. Rules are beside the point. The idea is simply to begin acrylic abstract painting and see what happens.

Art teachers may insist that you need Brush Style X, Y, and Z and Paint Brand Q to start acrylic abstract painting. My only guides as I browse art supply store aisles are my gut and my wallet.

Acrylic Abstract Painting: Canvas

When I create an abstract acrylic painting, I like to play at being a “real” painter, so I buy canvases. Generally, canvases come in three levels of quality: economy, studio, and gallery. For my abstract acrylic painting, studio quality suits me fine. You do get what you pay for, as with most products. Economy is usually stapled around the sides, and it tends to buckle (I’m pretty hard on my canvases). Gallery is sturdy, but far more expensive.

You may be perfectly happy creating an acrylic abstract painting from a “canvas panel” – a piece of cardboard with a primed canvas-like texture on one side. A canvas panel needs to be handled gently, but for under $10, you can buy a pack of five small panels or several larger panels. You can then start a series of acrylic abstract paintings for very little money.

Acrylic Abstract Painting: Colors

Paint also varies widely in price. If you’re just starting to explore acrylic abstract painting, your best bet is to buy a small pack of basic colors. I admit, I trembled as I selected my first Reeves Acrylic Colour Set, although it was under $9. Were those 12 tiny tubes really going to allow me to create my first acrylic abstract painting? At 0.4 fluid ounces per tube, I was amazed by how much color I got from them. When I create an acrylic abstract painting, I use gobs of paint, yet one set lasted through three nine-by-twelve-inch canvases. You can also buy sets of larger tubes which contain only white, black, blue, red and yellow paint. With this array, if you recall your kindergarten color wheel, you can create any color you wish.

Acrylic Abstract Painting: Brushes

This is where most of us freeze up – all those shapes, sizes, textures! Remember, acrylic abstract painting means fun, so make things easy on yourself. Look for the “bargain” brushes ($1 to $2 each) and grab a couple – one round, one flat, or whatever you’d like to experiment with. If you’re feeling adventurous about acrylic abstract painting, buy an economy pack of brushes. Yes, the bristles will fall out, sometimes becoming a part of the painting.

That’s all you need to start acrylic abstract painting. Ordinary household items – empty glass jars for water to rinse brushes, paper towels, layers of newspaper – will complete your set of materials. I did it for a total of just under $20 and so can you. The less you spend on materials for acrylic abstract painting, the more you’ll be able to lose control and just paint without fretting over the outcome. Let go and have fun!…

Are You Making The Classic Entrepreneurial Mistake With Your Business Or Your Blog?

Are You Making The Classic Entrepreneurial Mistake With Your Business Or Your Blog?

Almost all entrepreneurs make the oh-so-common mistake of trying to handle every single aspect of their business themselves. Either they don’t trust someone else to do a good enough job or they would rather just do a task themselves rather than having to explain it to someone else.

In the end, those who never grow out of this stage work themselves into a trap, unable to ever untangle themselves from their business or their blog long enough to take a break or most importantly to grow.

If you are one of these people (as I am, but am working on) consider this – instead of attending to every little detail of your business or your blog, shouldn’t you be handling upper level tasks such as planning a strategy for growth, researching new opportunities, or networking?

Your Opinion

Just because you CAN do everything yourself doesn’t mean that you should. I think this idea is pretty well understood for business, but what about for blogging? It seems there is some sort of expectation that a blogger handle every detail themselves in order to be “genuine.” Is this true?

What parts of blogging or your business could you have someone else handle that wouldn’t dilute your brand? Really challenge yourself here. The more time you can free up from doing menial tasks, the more time you’ll have to devote to executing and expanding upon the vision that caused you to start your blog or your business in the first place.

Integrating Touch Screen Technology And Social Media

Integrating Touch Screen Technology And Social Media

With the recent boom in social media, touch screen technology is advancing to meet user’s networking needs and assist in marketing for businesses. Millions of people use popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis, creating an effective platform for businesses to communicate with their audience.

The growth of interactive kiosks is becoming evident in a wide range of sectors. With social media being used in conjunction with kiosks, businesses are given another level of marketing. For example, photo kiosks are becoming the new phenomenon in events and venues to invite users to be active in spreading brand awareness.

Groups of people interact with the touch screen kiosk, take photos and share them online via social media sites. The photos are then commented on, liked and shared across the web broadly spreading the brand’s image. Using an audience as a marketing tool is becoming a common strategy for businesses and the integration between social networking and technology presents the ideal solution.

Digital signage is utilising social media in large retail spaces to provide shoppers with a live stream of information, which can constantly be updated. Businesses and retailers can benefit from this as it provides an opportunity for advertising products and promotions. Publicly displaying a live feed from social networks can also provide opinions and comments from shoppers that can also work as user-generated marketing. Digital signage is also used to drive traffic into shopping centres.

Mobile devices are beginning to converge with interactive kiosks to reach greater online capabilities. This integration opens up opportunities to connect to social networks and encourage sharing online. In retail, wayfinding kiosks are coming together with tablets, iPads and Smartphones to allow users to access a digital map and link to a business’s Facebook page.

More than ever, businesses should be capitalising on touch screen systems and social media to boost marketing effectiveness, maximise online presence and raise their profile.…

A Forum For Bloggers

A Forum For Bloggers

In our interview with Chris Hanisco, she told us that the way she (unintentionally) caught the attention of scouts at NBC World News Tonight and Family Circle Magazine was through forum posts where she regular offers genuine advice to other entrepreneurs.

Here’s a forum you might be interested in that is especially for bloggers:

We’ve been hanging out there recently and have found it to be a good resource for advice and for meeting other bloggers.

Chris offered some suggestions about how to realize the greatest benefits of posting on forums:

  • Offer genuine advice – don’t post just for links
  • Write a compelling introduction post
  • Stay active – choose a community and really get involved

Whether it’s this forum or another, it can be very rewarding both personally and professionally to become an active member in forums.

Do you currently participate in forums?  Why or why not?  If so, which do you find the most beneficial?

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Marketing Experts

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Marketing Experts

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Marketing Experts

With more and more of the world’s population going online, the internet has totally transformed the way we all do business. Consumers are turning to internet searches to find the best or closest business for their needs, relying on social media and online customer reviews to make their choice. In order to remain a profitable company, your business has to meet these needs by increasing your presence online. Without a marketing degree, you may feel like you don’t have the digital savvy to properly support your business’ launch into the online world, but you don’t have to let your business flounder without an online presence. You can take your business to the next level by turning too tried and tested marketing experts who will help you embrace 2015 and get your business online.

Creating a successful online presence can be easy with the right help. An experienced marketing consultant will understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the always changing online climate, using only the most advanced and reliable tools to assess your current internet marketing situation and establish a new, more effective direction. They won’t be afraid to tell you which new fads to stay away from, instead only suggesting proven strategies that will get you results.

You may be familiar with the marketing success of social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. Having a profile on these websites can greatly increase your company’s traffic as people like and share your posts, and with the help from marketing experts, you’ll be able to transform these likes into dollar signs.

While these experts work to have online users follow and spread your company’s brand for you, they also employ lesser known techniques to ensure your business will be included in the top internet searches. With SEO tactics, experienced marketing consultants will use reliable research to determine the best keywords you should be using to link your blog and sites to popular web search engines. That way, when someone attempts to search online for a service you provide, your company’s website will consistently come out on top.

Getting started can be as easy checking out to see what strategies would best work for your company. While on their site, you can see just how successful their approach to internet marketing has been for other businesses—big and small. Don’t be left behind in the last century. Make sure you take advantage of all the tools 2015 has to offer, and get your brand online.…

Essential Marketing Skills for Small Business Owners

Essential Marketing Skills for Small Business Owners

Essential Marketing Skills for Small Business Owners

The gap between small business and big business marketing is closing as the world gets smaller and smaller each day. Just a few years ago a small business had no means to reach the type of audience as a big business. Now the smallest business in the world can find a global market in no time flat. Using these three marketing skills, you can develop skills that will lead to great things for your business.

Learn Adaptability

Going with the flow has always been a major part of marketing, and it always will be. However, in 2013 and beyond, adaptability will be more crucial than ever. We live in a constantly changing world, one with a ton more opportunities than your marketing ancestors had to contend with. Just keeping up with the new technology can be a headache.

Your audience is in a constant state of flux, and they’ve always got something else going on in their lives. They’re buying new phones and tablets, they’re trying out new areas of town, and they’re trying out new things because a friend from high school recommended it on Facebook. If you’re not taking advantage of all these things you’re missing out on potential sales.

Coca-Cola started out going door-to-door selling the drink to shops and anyone else who wanted it. It worked in the 1800s, sure, but sticking to that plan didn’t make them a worldwide brand. Changing with the times did.

Learn how to make videos, even if it’s just with your built in web cam. Get on Pinterest and Instagram. Learn the right way to run a Facebook sweepstakes while staying on the right side of the law. All of these things are marketing skills unique to the here and now. Time to adapt!


The age of the faceless business is coming to an end (if it hasn’t already). If you don’t have at least some web presence then many consumers get suspicious. Furthermore, if that web presence doesn’t include something about the company’s story, it can also further ostracize customers.

Don’t take this the wrong way – if you don’t have a good product or solid business practices you’ll be called on it, no matter how good your story is. But if you’ve worked hard on starting up your company – saving pennies and learning your trade over the years – people want to know about it. They love hearing success stories and yours is interesting, Don’t go off the deep end with it – make it short, snappy, and fun to read. No matter how great your story is nobody wants to read a novel before they buy your wares.

Figure Out Why People Need What You’re Selling

A long time ago I worked for a company that sold entertainment items – books, movies, music, etc. My manager Dave told me the greatness of the store was “we don’t sell anything here anybody actually needs.” Unfortunately, they went out of business a few years later.

I liked Dave but he was dead wrong on this approach. Sure, in a Pavlov’s Hierarchy of Needs-sense nobody needed the latest Backstreet Boys single. In a different sense, though, they absolutely did. There are many stories of people rushing into the store looking for a song they just heard on the radio they “have to have, right now.” Sounds like need to me!

Don’t think of the items you sell as “want vs. need.” Assume your customers need everything you’re selling. It may not be food or water, but they need it nonetheless. You just have to figure out why so you can remind them of that fact every so often.…

AdWords Change In Ad Placement Formula Means More $$ for Us!

AdWords Change In Ad Placement Formula Means More $$ for Us!

AdWords Change In Ad Placement Formula Means More $$ for Us!And by $$ I mean more ability for profit and possibly cost as well. Announced August 8th Google will be making “an improvement to the top ad placement formula.” This change is supposed to bring “increasing control for advertisers.” However this means that they will swing focus on “actual” CPC to maximum CPC. In the past your CPC/actual CPC has been a large factor of what those BELOW you have been bidding. This new formula means that “your ad’s eligibility to be promoted is no longer dependent on the bids of advertisers below you” but more so on how high your Max CPC is. Don’t worry Quality Score is still a big key to your CPC and Position. Although we may see more CPC’s near our maximum bids instead of where they are now. For several of my clients our CPC is always about 1/2 of our Max bid, and we place in the top 3 every time. From my understanding this could mean that what you put down as your max will be what you pay, or closer to. We will have to wait and see how this really affects things. For some of my clients it could mean a lot of cash in increased CPC, the need to use position preference, and closer monitoring day in and day out. They say “We anticipate that most of your ads will continue to perform as they have in the past.” But only time will tell on this change. It could be really cool at the same time. It may mean that some of my clients competitors with a little bit better quality score that have a lower max CPC we can now beat out in position. And that could mean a lot more cash in profits in the end. Please comment on any changes that you notice in your own campaigns. More feedback from other AdWords advertisers on the results of this change could help us all.
/Back to Basics: Search Engine Marketing 101 /

Without SEM, a website will never be seen as well as it would with SEM in place and if a site is not seen as much, it will not receive as much traffic as it may need to be successful. Without traffic, then there can be no sales. Without sales, a business cannot survive. It is a simple cycle that creates a complex problem. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the problem, and it is called Search Engine Marketing. SEM is the one best way to promote a business’ website, products and services, because making sales is effectively the only way to increase their Return on Investment, keeping any business afloat.

What Types of SEM are Available?

Search Engine Marketing comes in various forms, and whether pay per click advertising, organic SEO, article marketing, or another method is used, the goal is usually the same; driving traffic to the site to increase sales and ROI. Other ways of strategic SEM include article content placement and article marketing using organic SEO techniques – a much better alternative to the pre-Panda techniques.

Understanding Page Rank: Using the proper SEM techniques, the search engines give a website a rank from one to 10, and from that ranking, the site placed on a search engine’s results page (SERP). This ranking on the SERP is determined based on a few important and strategic factors including the number of and popularity of keywords searched for appearing on the website, number and quality of links pointing to it, and relevant content appearing on the website in relation to the keyword searched, among other important factors.

Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is the art of getting people to remember your brand. This is crucial to Search Engine Marketing. If visitors do not know what a business is about, or what a business does, it is less likely that they will visit your website. To counteract this, many business owners pay for banner ads to appear at the top of target (similar) websites or pay services so that their sponsored listings appear on a search engine results page. Both these are ways of using targeted marketing techniques to raise awareness of the product or service offered at a business’ website.

Article Marketing: Article marketing is another of the most popular ways to get a website noticed. Writing an article based on targeted keywords that are relevant to the goods or services offered by a business and then submitting those articles to article directories, or having them published as guest blogs can help get any website noticed for a few reasons. First, the backlinks allowed in the articles lead to the website in question. If the quality of the site that the article appears on is good, then it can raise the page rank naturally so the content and the website become more visible.

While some people may believe that Search Engine Marketing is outdated, they are dead wrong because Search engine marketing will survive as long as search engines do. Going back to basics and using basic SEM techniques has specific advantages over using traditional advertising techniques as well. The relative cost to advertise is lower than if you were to use traditional advertising outlets. The more articles and backlinks a website has appearing on quality websites, the more effective a SEM campaign can be, and the more visible a site and business becomes.

The trick is to make the website visible within search engine results pages (SERPs), because if it is not, then it will not receive traffic, leading to lost sales. Search Engine Marketing helps a website become visible, ideally reaching the top spots of the first three pages – and preferably the first – if it is done right.…