Fashionable and Contemporary Free Crochet Patterns on the Web

Fashionable and Contemporary Free Crochet Patterns on the Web

Fashionable and Contemporary Free Crochet Patterns on the WebFree crochet patterns abound on the Internet. The problem is most of these crochet patterns are not very stylish or attractive. Do you need another fun fur scarf? I don’t think so. Luckily, the popularity of crochet has spawned several new sites offering a more contemporary array of crochet patterns all at zero cost to you.

Crochet Me is an online crochet magazine which offers fashionable crochet patterns for the crochet divas among us. The nice thing about this site is the designers often accompany their patterns with different pictures of the project both finished and in progress. Contact information for the designers is included which is helpful if you have any questions about the pattern. You can search for the crochet pattern you need by pattern item (shirt, skirt, etc); yarn fiber (silk, hemp, etc.); pattern type (babies, kids, etc.); issue date; or yarn weight (fine, bulky, etc.). Crochet Me is an excellent resource for today’s hip and fashionable crocheters.

Like Interweave Crochet magazine? If so, you will love their online free pattern offerings. At this site you will find free crochet patterns that are designed by crochet designer heavy weights such as Lily Chin or Annie Modesitt. The patterns are all in .pdf form and rated by experience level. The crochet patterns are all categorized by pattern type. No search directory is available.

Berroco, a yarn company, has a great selection of free stylish crochet patterns. All patterns feature Berroco yarn, but yarn substitutes can easily be found. Each pattern has a schematic and is rated by experience level. The schematics are especially helpful because they allow you to see the different measurements of a sleeve or armhole. This allows you to easily adjust the pattern to fit your size. Berroco offers an e-mailed newsletter which keeps you up to date on the latest pattern (both free and paid) and yarn offerings.

A word of caution, some free patterns have not been tested by other crocheters. This can lead to a frustrating crocheting experience. An advanced crocheter will be able to work through any pattern bugs. A beginner will have to contact the designer or enlist the help of more experienced friends.

Once you find a fashionable crochet pattern I suggest plugging the pattern name into a search engine. This will allow you to find other crocheters who have tried the pattern before you. You will gain insight on any pattern mistakes, alternate yarn possibilities, and see more pictures of the finished product. Crocheters are very vocal about patterns they like or don’t like. Use their experience to your advantage.

Fashionable and hip crochet patterns do exist. As the popularity of crochet and hand crafted goods in general continues to rise, more and more resources will become available to satisfy your modern crafty needs.…

Blogcatalog Bloggers For Good Fundraising Challenge

Blogcatalog Bloggers For Good Fundraising Challenge

It’s Memorial Day – and in addition to honoring those who died to protect and serve our country, we’re also participating in a group effort to protect and serve the youth of America through education. is an innovative fund raising website that maximizes the interactivity of the web to bring people in need in front of people who feel a passion for seeing those needs fulfilled.


Perspective donors can read proposals from the different educational related causes that need funding and choose to donate any amount that fits their budget.


So before you go off an enjoy whatever it is that you’re going to do to celebrate this Memorial Day, click on over to DonorsChoose and think about making a contribution of any size to your favorite proposal.


As many of the best success and financial gurus (such as Suzy Orman, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, etc) suggest, giving freely to good causes is a secret to bringing wealth back into your life.…

Writing Web Site Content 101: Cut to the Chase and Give Your Readers What They Want


cut to the chase

When You Write Your Articles and Blog for the Way People Search Out Info on Google, Your Web Site Content Should Reflect Those Keywords


According to Phantom SEO specialists, a really great summary that should be placed in your article would be defined as the main summation of who your subject is, what exactly took place during the experience you are describing along with when and how the incident occurred.

You should never use more than 60 words in describing this summary either. Always keep your summaries action-packed and full of life so that the reader will be compelled to read more.

Sentence length should never be more than 25 words total and paragraphs should not contain more than 75 words so that your web site content can continue to move along at a rapid pace while still giving your reader all the relevant info that they can handle.

The first sentence in a paragraph is the main catalyst that will get the reader to move on through the rest of your article, so make sure that sentence is the most compelling one you can possibly think of before you write it.


A good way to make sure that everybody sees all of your articles or your weekly blog content is by using the correct keywords that people are searching for every day. A great and free keyword tool you should bookmark immediately is Google’s “Keyword Tool” found on their AdSense page.

Just by clicking on the Google keyword tool’s search button and putting in a keyword phrase that describes what your next article’s subject matter is, Google will show you the most popular keywords that their users are searching for. If you use the correct amount of keyword density, your article should be able to get a great Google page ranking.

Your web site content should contain two to three pertinent and popular keywords that best describes your overall article content for them to do their job. Never use your keywords more than 10% of your total page content or Google will penalize you for “keyword stuffing”. You definitely want to stay on Google’s good side at all times, or your future web success will take a turn for the worse.


Since most people reading on the web today scan through all of your main articles first, the most important writing technique you can ever use will be to start developing great paragraph headings as soon as possible. If your heading in the first article they come across in one of your web site content pages is boring or dull, guess what? That’s right, they will immediately click out of your web pages and head for another similar site without even bothering to check out the rest of your article. By developing great paragraph headings you will make sure that your future web viewers will never click out of your articles ever again.


  1. Keep all of your headings to six words or less
    2. The headings should contain all of the best keywords you already found using the Google “keyword tool”
    3. Edit out all of the adjectives and prepositions that are not necessary
    4. Avoid any “professor-like” fancy words that are really not necessary at all


To polish up your article writing , you really need to constantly edit out all unnecessary words from your article or blog content on a daily basis. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional writer who can. You should be taking at least a fourth of the time to edit your articles as it does to write them, or else you are not spending enough time editing your work to make it really shine.

It should take you at least three edits to make sure your web site content is ready to be web-published and you have to edit for style and tone during that first edit. The next two edits should be done by correcting and deleting all grammatical errors and spelling errors you still have left in your blog or article content. By editing your work thoroughly, you should have no problem in getting as many web viewers as you need to ensure great online success.…

3 Ways to spruce up your product descriptions and why you should

3 Ways to spruce up your product descriptions and why you should

3 Ways to spruce up your product descriptions and why you should

Persuasive, informational, and original product descriptions can help your ecommerce business increase conversions and sales. But writing unique content that engages and informs shoppers isn’t always easy. Within 80 to 100 words you must briefly describe the selling points and benefits of each of your products and include SEO keywords that will attract your target market audience.

Companies that go the easier route and copy their competitor’s product descriptions often do poorly because of Google’s Farmer algorithm, an update to the search engine that heavily penalizes retailers that copy product descriptions from competitors, or that use the exact copies of descriptions suggested by suppliers.

Regardless of search engine penalizations, it is always a good idea to write attractive, fresh product descriptions that catch shoppers’  interest, relieve concerns, and communicate the value of buying a product from your company.

Following are some useful suggestions about how to write exceptional, genuine product descriptions for your ecommerce website.

Know your Target Audience

The organic site visitor is the quintessential component that determines the voice, structure and benefits used in your product descriptions. It’s always surprising that companies can sometimes forget about a large portion of their target market when writing up their copy. For example, let’s take the company I recently rewrote product descriptions for:

When I first came to USB Memory Direct, they advertised themselves as a marketing company that specialized in selling personalized USB drives solely for small business promotions and corporate events.

I later found that a significant portion of that specific market audience came from High Schools, Colleges and Technical schools that would attach the USB drives to Lanyards use them to promote their various enrollment workshops, afterschool activities and magnet programs. They were missing out of a good chunk of their business simply because they hadn’t explored the extent of their target audience.

Understanding your audience as a whole, and knowing each of the individual parts is vital to writing an ecommerce copy that sells and attracts shoppers.

Incorporate SEO Keywords

Search Engine Optimization keywords are cataloged by Google and used to rank pages within its search results. By using the correct SEO keywords, you can rank better throughout Google’s search results and gain more traffic to your ecommerce site.

Generally, your product descriptions should be anywhere between 80-100 words long, depending on your website design and content management system. This won’t leave too much room for keywords.

Longer articles tend to benefit more from the use of multiple search terms but in the case of product descriptions, try using one good keyword.

Include the keyword throughout the:

  • Title Tag
  • META Tag
  • Headline
  • Product Image Captions
  • Description Body

At a rate of about 3-5%. Google recommends this percentage to avoid having your site coming across as “spammy” or disinteresting.

Update and Rewrite

There will always be room for a little improvement. Change a few descriptions up a bit and gear them towards a particular market audience. Replace a word here and there on a headline. Gradually rewrite your product descriptions and test the search traffic results and conversions against the original version. You can use Google Analytics to read comprehensive reports on visitor traffic, demographics, and time spent on your web pages.…

5 Web Design Issues That Frustrate Your Visitors

5 Web Design Issues That Frustrate Your Visitors

5 Web Design Issues That Frustrate Your Visitors

When you are out surfing the web and you land on someone’s website, what are some things that frustrate you?  The following is a brief list of five things that can be extremely frustrating for visitors when it comes to web surfing.  *This may be a clue to you to step it up and make some changes!

  1. Too Much Text- We get it; you have a lot to say.  However, having too much text on one page can be (and is) a real turn off to visitors.  Remember, when people are browsing through (not reading) your website, they are scanning for certain pieces of information. This is where it helps to a) know your audience and b) throw some different headlines in there to break up the text.
  2. Not Enough Text- If you don’t have enough text on a page, it may give off the impression that there is nothing that you can really contribute; and this may affect your credibility for whatever you’re selling.  Learn how to balance text with web design layout as well as pictures to give a more visually appealing affect.
  3. Layout- As a general rule, someone visiting your site should be able to figure out what the site is about within 2-3 seconds.  If this doesn’t happen, then your website is a failure.  Part of the reason people’s websites fail is due to the layout of the design.  People should be able to find the title of your site in a prominent place on the page.  Your contact and “about” information should also be in a place where readers will easily be able to see it.
  4. Flash- Flash is the bane of existence for many people.   Sure, it’s great in e-cards (although that is still sort of annoying), but most of the time it has no place on a professional web page.  Many people’s computers aren’t equipped to run Flash, and for others running Flash significantly slows down the process of actually viewing the site.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on a website where it says “uploading” and clicked right off. Avoid it if you can.
  5. Color Schemes- Aside from just about everything else that can go wrong with a website, color is a major issue.  People aren’t going to stay on a page that is too dark or too bright because it makes it difficult to read the text.  Similarly, another huge issue is color contrast.  Remember that cute little color wheel that you learned about back in grade school?  Perhaps more of us should have paid closer attention.  Certain colors look great together on various screen resolutions, but you really have to be careful to pick the right colors.  You want a color that is going to be readable while, at the same time, easy on the eyes.

Strategies for Lime State Web Designers

Strategies for Lime State Web Designers

Strategies for Lime State Web Designers

Every amateur need to examine some Content management systems systems that will your pet to create a number of free internet sites.
Hubpages in addition to Joomla ! are your favorite software programs suitable the Orange county web design first-timers, however you also can employ various other software programs. You have got to add your motor on your hard disk, and you could operate the orange county website design approaches to add graphic themes and totally free adventures.

Try and change your theme being exclusive, if you ever don’t would like your web site to check such as additional a huge selection of internet pages manufactured by a similar website design orange county Business.

Regardless of whether i am talking about classy and no cost Orange county web design tactics, you will want a minimum of a couple of several weeks to try this alterations.
Don’t use anything except elements and knowledge that comes with the world wide web.

If you’d like to contain the tiniest notion concerning your selected subject and also producing instructions, you should think about a site where you could grow on your own and you could become one of the better orange county website design authorities.

It becomes a complete waste of time to go on a Perl website design orange county system intended for really serious cash when you are keen about animation plus Activity Script.

Be able to generate free of charge websites utilizing the absolutely free Orange county web design procedures and boost in the occupation by designing other web sites in addition to web pages with all the advanced software programs that need a licence.

Generating a absolutely free web site is straightforward, and the ones men and women praoclaiming that you should have highly effective design software programs for example Dreamweaver and also Pen to develop a webpage tend to be telling lies.

A web page created utilizing the orange county website design is a simple product or service, and you simply need to think it over as an expenditure.

In case your corporation needs a basic web page, without the need of computer graphics, you may use this free of charge website design orange county approaches at your disposal.

Like a young small business owner inside the Orange county web design business, you need to pick the the required licenses for those plans that you are utilizing. This is the reason it is better to get started on your organization simply by developing simple pages which need solely no cost options.

When you mature to be a specialized, you will get additional customers requiring innovative orange county website design webpages.

Purchase the software programs essential for your own website design orange county small business steadily, you should creating a solid small business which brings severe dollars. Don’t just forget about sustaining web sites: though setting up a internet site will bring you dollars the moment, maintenance in addition to post-service acquiring is often a ongoing process that will bring you revenue consistently.…

Web design studios from the German city of Stuttgart

Web design studios from the German city of Stuttgart

Web design studios from the German city of Stuttgart

Stuttgart advertising instrumentality(Werbeagentur Stuttgart) offers your plat to fit smashing and amateur!

Your website on not only unique, but also professional. Studio webdesign stuttgart for this is keen to put on the market their own expert opportunities.

Solely expert webdesigner and webmaster represent how much invested in a secondary word-abbriviature «seo». This is where the leviathan range of questions and answers, which is commonplace becoming more and more. Be that as it may, unambiguous moments still remain staunch, for benchmark, how is that any luminary plan should be riveting, unmatched, magnificent and nearby fitting for the Internet user is in some style and requires thoughtful expert trap layout – such as webdesign stuttgart.

Werbeagentur offers manifest since your job the full budding of an organized, efficient snare block out, which resolve unavoidably be spelt to its object, your party goals and the highlight of the site. Each unmistakable duty the milieu pleasure be aimed at the start of its holistic and stylish webdesign (webdesign)

Our studio focuses on the presence of in style well-defined destine of the plot, we be compelled reject the important graphics editors, and the emerge is a unique resourceful set up scheme, where every cadre is entranced into account.

To fashion your jut out employs a tandem join up of professionals, we spawn a unique image – webdesign stuttgart, stretchy and helpful for your users, and each time – attractive. Each routine out of keeping with is approved by the location possessor, so the contemplate turns abroad absolutely the practice you force it themselves and imagine.

If, to whatever manner, a sharp sight for sore eyes someone is concerned the future spider’s web develop placement you be struck by not still happened – our specialists can stop in this. Like!…

Small Entrepreneurs in Orange county web design

Small Entrepreneurs in Orange county web design

Small Entrepreneurs in Orange county web design

Numerous younger business owners manufactured the pc as well as net their full capacity good friend, but they want to get to another level aside from enjoying PC games everyday. If you’d like to bring any share to the Orange county web design, however you should also earn their living coming from something you such as, this is actually the option to stick to. Many individuals looking being specialists in this subject don’t hold the merest strategy where to begin. Let’s take a look at the main Orange county website design methods that you should stick to

Initial, when you’re pondering website design orange county, you need internet sites. Creating an internet site is done by using certain directions:

– graphic Orange county web design
– animations
– web computer programming
– online promoting

Web host regarding Orange county website design

This can be a connected vicinity with the website design orange county. You will need to look at a internet site that brings you full satisfaction and cash. Revenue will definitely can come in case you are great while in the Orange county web design areas. Marketing and advertising to select your favorite Orange county website design niche market, because each website necessitates many years of review.

Graphic website design orange county

The direct applications utilized for web development are usually Illustrator, Illustrator, Corel or Indesign. Additionally, there are some other plans based upon Expensive Animations just like Silverlight, 3d images Greatest extent, and Adobe Display.

Selection Orange county web design
Regarding net development, you’ll need PHP, MySQL, or perhaps JavaScript.

To get Orange county website design in promoting, there won’t be any consecrated techniques, as you will still only need research, and also generally a specialist which could give you straight answers and also coach you how to prevent a useless advertising and also Search engine marketing approaches.

Hosting website design orange county can be made upon Linux systems or Microsoft windows. Each one of people programs features application and contrasting technological know-how to assist you. You can also test the state-of-the-art applications off their Operating systems, but Linux system, Windows 7 as well as perhaps UNIX work best.

In the event that all those terms look like language for yourself, don’t worry. Information and facts are accessible for all those phrases, therefore you might research all of them from free assets. Test out the actual platforms, look for a alternative to suit your needs and initiate making whatever you including at the moment. Don’t keep worrying about the funds. Once you learn your work and you are interested in the idea, the money will come also.…

The Things We Hate: 10 Web Design No-Nos

The Things We Hate: 10 Web Design No-Nos

The Things We Hate: 10 Web Design No-Nos

Last week, we talked about five of the things that we do (or don’t do) to our web pages, which annoy those who are trying to look at them.  And now to continue on with our list from last week, here are the last five things we need to be aware of when considering web browsability and design:

Ten Web Design No-Nos (Last 5)

  1. Opening New Windows– Cross-linking is great because the thought behind it is that it keeps the user on your web site.  However, if when people click on a hyperlink, it opens up a new window, things can get hairy fast.  I don’t proclaim to be a web designer by any stretch of the imagination, but if you’re using a laptop or a computer with a smaller monitor/screen, having too many windows open can add up pretty quickly.  In most cases, when someone clicks on a hyperlink, it should refresh the page so that the new content appears on the same page that they’re looking at- not in a separate window.  Get it?  Nowadays, most Internet users are savvy enough to know that if they DO want to have something open up in a different window, all they have to do is right click on the hyperlink and choose the option to do so.
  2. PDFs–  If there’s anything Internet users hate coming across, it’s a PDF file.  If you’ve ever seen those commercials for the Visa checkcard then you know what I’m about to say.  Coming across a PDF file while your out and about on the Internet is akin to what happens in the Visa commercial; it interrupts your flow of web browsing! Often, if you are brave enough to open up a PDF, it will take a little time to load and then once it comes up, it is often not formatted properly which means that you will have to resize it so that you can actually read the text. Whenever you have the chance or option, convert PDFs so that they are readable on the web.  It’ll keep your readers happy!
  3. Scannability– Most people reading things on the Internet don’t actually read everything; they scan it.  Keeping this in mind, it is important to remember when you are writing web content (i.e. blogs or actual content pages), make sure that you include bold text along with italicized or underlined (whatever is appropriate).  Remember the rules that you learned when you were in elementary school about how sentences and paragraphs are formed?  Now would be a good time to use these rules.  Know how, where and when to recognize that a sentence is getting too long or when a group of sentences need to be broken up into two paragraphs.  All of these things contribute to the usability and readability of your web page and will make it easier on the reader.
  4. About Me– I certainly can’t speak for everyone out there, but one of the first things that I look for whenever I visit a new site or blog is an “About Me” tab or link.  If your web page doesn’t have one yet, I highly advocate creating one.  The “About Me” section should include a little more in-depth information about you and your site and what it’s all about.  Some people choose to disclose more personal information here although it is certainly not necessary.  Sometimes, I will click off of a web site if it doesn’t have an “About Me” section because it raises suspicion as to ownership and what the intentions of the site/person/persons really are.
  5. Linking–  When it comes to website design and usability, the attention truly is in the details.  This brings me to hyperlinking.  When linking to other pages, ALWAYS make sure that the link works and that it is linking to the page you intended.  Additionally, it is sometimes helpful (although certainly not necessary) to have the links change color once the person has clicked on them.  This sort of acts as a reminder to the user that they have already looked at a particular link (just in case they forgot).

QR Codes: Business Asset or Shiny Object?

QR Codes: Business Asset or Shiny Object?

QR Codes: Business Asset or Shiny Object?

You’ve probably seen plenty of QR codes by now, even if you didn’t know what you were looking at. “QR” stands for “quick response.” The basic idea: it’s a two-dimensional bar code that can easily be scanned by “smart” phones. They are an easy way to grab people’s attention. When a shopper scans a QR code, their phone displays a web page. The theory: QR codes create a means of instant interaction with ads and printed media for people who might have been too impatient to type a URL into their handheld device. (Sad but true: attention spans are dwindling to microsecond durations these days).

In theory, putting QR codes all over your direct mail pieces, fliers, store window, and other marketing materials will drive more people to your web site and help your e-mail marketing efforts.

The million-dollar question: does this really work for small businesses? And can QR codes be implemented profitably with the time and money available to a local mom-and-pop operation? While I can’t answer that question universally for every business, I can give you some simple questions that will give you pretty clear idea whether or not QR technology is worth considering for your business.

  1. Do you regular advertise with print media of any kind?
  2. Do you regularly track and monitor the stats on your web page?
  3. If yes to #1, have your web pages gotten enough traffic in the last 30 days to give you an accurate reading of the current conversion rates? (You should have an average of at least 5-10 unique visitors per day from a single traffic source).
  4. If yes to #2, are you getting an acceptable conversion rate from at least one traffic source?

If the above questions made no sense to you, you’re probably not ready for QR codes. But even so, stick with me. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you run a coffee shop. Let’s say you got 5 visitors to your web site who all saw your sign out front, 6 visitors from your Facebook page, 3 visitors from Twitter, 8 visitors who clicked on the link in your monthly newsletter, etc. These are all different traffic sources. (If your web site doesn’t tell you where the visitors came from, you made need to have your web developer install a new statistical software tool).

Suffice to say, the first step is to stay on top of your stats. That’s not your web designer’s job, by the way. As the business owner, it’s yours. Don’t even think about implementing QR codes or any new technology until you are comfortable with stats.

Stats aside, QR codes do offer a lot of promise for marketing. The real payoff: it’s possible to measure real-time ad impressions from print media (something that has been impossible until now). However, that advantage is only as valuable as your ability to track your site’s real-time performance.…