Chatting With Karl Staib Of Work Happy Now

Chatting With Karl Staib Of Work Happy Now

Why Work Happy Now?

I have always struggled to enjoy various jobs. The memories were always enjoyable, but while I was working a job I had difficulty staying engaged. Most of it was my fault, so I began studying myself, books and other blogs to see if I could make a few connections. I started a personal development blog three years ago, but kept drifting toward work happiness. I knew other people had this problem too, so after a flop of a personal development blog I made the leap and started Work Happy Now. Best creative decision of my life.

How long has Work Happy Now been around?

Work Happy Now has been around for a little over a year. It’s still a work in progress. I’ve changed the look of my site, added video, launched an ebook “Work Happy the Google Way,” and I’m itching to expand some more. Like any business, I have to pick the strong return on investments and put the other ideas on the back burner. It’s not always easy to decide where to put my time, but that’s what creating a business is all about.

What sorts of struggles (if any) have you had to endure with your business over time?

The business is just in its infancy. I still work a full time job. My goal is to have Work Happy Now become a full time career by this time next year. To answer your question…I’ve lost count of the struggles. A brief synopsis would be cold-calling businesses, keeping up with regular blog posts, responding to every single reader question, staying outside my comfort zone and giving more and more value.

How did you come up with the name for your site?

I’m a big believer in branding. I wanted a name that would be easy to remember and would tell the exact story of how I wanted to help people. Voila – Work Happy Now. I really wanted, but it was taken. I actually like the “now” on the end because it’s all about maximizing our work happiness in the present moment.

If you could give advice to other people who are struggling with their entrepreneurial dreams, what would you say?

Be persistent. That means being so freak’n passionate about your concept that your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or whoever asks you to come to bed because you are working too hard. I have my days when I can’t sit in front of the computer, but they are few and far in between. Starting your own business is about chipping away at the mountain until you are on top. It has taken four years, but I’m finally reaching my stride.

Do you think it’s better to work from home or in an an office?

It’s all about knowing yourself. If you need an office to get away from distractions then do it. If you can’t afford an office then make the best of what you have.

What sorts of things do you do for fun when you’re not working?

Spend time with my wife, walk the dog every evening (great stress reliever), Yoga every morning, meditation to keep the gauge of my mental state fresh and hang out with friends and family.

Do you have any advice on how to keep things balanced?

My advice is to listen to your needs. I have a full time job (40 hours a week), and I’m also working about 25 hours a week on my blog. It’s a lot of hours, but I always find time to take breaks, exercise, and spend time with loved ones.

What’s one of the most challenging things you’ve had to deal with regarding Work Happy Now?

Building a community is the most challenging. I want to respond on every person’s blog who comments on mine, but I can’t. I have to pick the areas where I get the most bang for my time.

What was one of the most rewarding?

The most rewarding has been the feedback. The emails I get thanking me. The comments from people who I’ve helped has been the best part. They appreciate the value that I give. It just makes me want to work even harder and keep coming up with new ideas.

What are your feelings on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.?

They are awesome tools. They help me reach new people without dropping any cash on advertising. It’s these relationships that I foster and support with all my energy. I don’t put a lot of money into Work Happy Now, less than $1,000, but I do that because I want Work Happy Now to grow organically. I want people to want me. The best way to do that is to be on social networks, trying to connect and share ideas.

About Karl:

You can read more about Karl here, on his website.  You can also follow Work Happy Now on Twitter or visit Karl on StumbleUpon.

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