Effective Blog Posts to Increase Readership

Effective Blog Posts to Increase Readership

Effective Blog Posts to Increase ReadershipThe most vital component to any blog on the internet is not only content, but also the number of people who are interested in what a blogger has to say. In other words, readership numbers can be more important than any topic or research included in a single post. In order to increase the number of readers to any blog, writers can use a variety of different post styles to add to his or her site.

Opinion Posts on Current Issues

One of the more popular post styles that a blogger will use is writing on a current topic or hot issue in the news. However, in the event of a genre-specific blog, the number of current events that can tie directly to this genre may be few and far between. Therefore, the blogger can benefit from taking a current news headline or issue and applying it to his or her blog genre in an appropriate and accurate manner. For example, if a blogger is running a sports-themed blog, he or she may wish to research how immigration reform in Arizona can effect a major sports league or event. Taking this approach will help increase the number of potential readers from just a small subsection of sports fans.

Conduct an Interview with an Industry Leader

Another great way to drive readers to any blog is to post a transcript from a recently-conducted interview with a leader in the blog genre’s industry. For example, many major companies are well aware of the media and content being published about their product or service and are often willing to “clear the air” about specific topics being discussed on the internet. Many times these leaders can be reached via contact information on their company’s main website. Interviews need not be incredibly long or in-depth, however bloggers should keep in mind the type of opinion he or she wants to voice in an eventual blog post follow-up.


Reference Other Bloggers in Posts

Finally, most bloggers in the blogosphere love to be referenced in the work of other writers on the internet. This includes fellow bloggers of the same topic or genre. After contacting these other writers for permission to use their content, bloggers can paraphrase and reference other points in order to increase his or her reader audience. With any luck, the referenced writers’ will one day return the favor for the original blogger. As with any research, however, bloggers must remember to avoid plagiarism at all costs and include direct links to any additional blog posts used as a resource.

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