Fashionable and Contemporary Free Crochet Patterns on the Web

Fashionable and Contemporary Free Crochet Patterns on the Web

Fashionable and Contemporary Free Crochet Patterns on the WebFree crochet patterns abound on the Internet. The problem is most of these crochet patterns are not very stylish or attractive. Do you need another fun fur scarf? I don’t think so. Luckily, the popularity of crochet has spawned several new sites offering a more contemporary array of crochet patterns all at zero cost to you.

Crochet Me is an online crochet magazine which offers fashionable crochet patterns for the crochet divas among us. The nice thing about this site is the designers often accompany their patterns with different pictures of the project both finished and in progress. Contact information for the designers is included which is helpful if you have any questions about the pattern. You can search for the crochet pattern you need by pattern item (shirt, skirt, etc); yarn fiber (silk, hemp, etc.); pattern type (babies, kids, etc.); issue date; or yarn weight (fine, bulky, etc.). Crochet Me is an excellent resource for today’s hip and fashionable crocheters.

Like Interweave Crochet magazine? If so, you will love their online free pattern offerings. At this site you will find free crochet patterns that are designed by crochet designer heavy weights such as Lily Chin or Annie Modesitt. The patterns are all in .pdf form and rated by experience level. The crochet patterns are all categorized by pattern type. No search directory is available.

Berroco, a yarn company, has a great selection of free stylish crochet patterns. All patterns feature Berroco yarn, but yarn substitutes can easily be found. Each pattern has a schematic and is rated by experience level. The schematics are especially helpful because they allow you to see the different measurements of a sleeve or armhole. This allows you to easily adjust the pattern to fit your size. Berroco offers an e-mailed newsletter which keeps you up to date on the latest pattern (both free and paid) and yarn offerings.

A word of caution, some free patterns have not been tested by other crocheters. This can lead to a frustrating crocheting experience. An advanced crocheter will be able to work through any pattern bugs. A beginner will have to contact the designer or enlist the help of more experienced friends.

Once you find a fashionable crochet pattern I suggest plugging the pattern name into a search engine. This will allow you to find other crocheters who have tried the pattern before you. You will gain insight on any pattern mistakes, alternate yarn possibilities, and see more pictures of the finished product. Crocheters are very vocal about patterns they like or don’t like. Use their experience to your advantage.

Fashionable and hip crochet patterns do exist. As the popularity of crochet and hand crafted goods in general continues to rise, more and more resources will become available to satisfy your modern crafty needs.

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