Google Joins The CPA Crowd

Google Joins The CPA Crowd

Google Joins The CPA Crowd

Google just recently announced that they will be beta testing a Cost-Per-Action Adwords feature soon. This feature will allow advertisers to only pay for advertising once a sale is made and/or a lead is generated, just like a CPA affiliate program.

According to the details Google has released, the Google Adwords CPA program will work just like most affiliate programs, but will run on the Google Adsense content network. Google will not display the CPA ads on its search network.

How/where/when will the ads be displayed? Google says that “publishers in the Google content network can choose to place your ads on their website”. If the CPA ads work like other Google Adwords though, the system will automatically select and display the most lucrative ads to display on a website. This would mean that it will be very, very important that advertisers make their offer as lucrative as possible. It remains to be seen though, how much manual control advertisers will have in selecting ads.

By combining their massive advertiser base, their content network, and the Adwords infrastructure, Google may very well have set themselves up to be the new leader in the affiliate marketing field. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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