Google TV Ads

Google TV Ads

Google TV Ads

As most now know Google is in the TV advertising game. All TV ads are running through Dish Network for now. The user interface for the TV advertising is consistently simple as the AdWords advertising.  Still the options we love with AdWords like day parting, budgeting, demographic targeting based on networks, programing etc. However all changes take effect the next day. Great tracking as we are accustomed to from using analytics data. For those of us that have used radio advertising they do have a Market Place for finding people to help us develop our TV Ads. With the Google TV Ads you can block and select the actual programing (show’s) you want and don’t want to show for.  I believe this is a great step in the right direction for the control and reporting that small to large business are looking for with TV. Obviously for the cost of creating ads and the actual air time it will be reserved for those companies that can maximize a relatively higher advertising budget with Google TV advertising. I look forward to hearing success stories using Google TV Ads. Noah @ LookToTheRight.comÂ
/How Businesses Can Best Use Google AdWords’ Local Extensions /

Small businesses often use paid search marketing as an advertising tool.  And often times, it does not go very well.  Dentists, lawyers, doctors, landscapers, and other service based small businesses that have a local footprint can use Google AdWords to gain online exposure. However, often times businesses don’t get the results they are looking for.  One item in the AdWords tool kit that can help generate leads for local businesses in search is the Google Local Extension.

Before I go into Local Extensions, let’s be sure that we have some basics down for businesses when using AdWords.  These are tenets that we use with any small business AdWords blog.  To review:

  1. Be sure you are only using the search network
  2. Have your Google Analytics account linked to your AdWords account to measure traffic
  3. Double check your geographic target and make sure you are advertising only in the local footprint you want exposure
  4. Be sure that your keyword selection is specific, and for very generalized terms you are using phrase or exact match terms to avoid any wasteful clicks

Once you’ve got that down, you can move on to extensions. To enable, go into your campaigns view within the AdWords interface.  Then go to the Ad Extensions tab.

From here – select Location Extensions from the drop down list of Extension options.

From here, you have two options.  You can either use your address from your linked Google Places account, or you can  use”Manually Entered Addresses”.  This is a helpful option in case you have multiple businesses and are testing some geo-targets.

Once this is in play you now will see this address appear within ad copy in certain query situations (note: you will not see the address extension show up in all ad displays). Having this extension show up in a query has several advantages:

  • It gives businesses another advantage in terms of taking up precious screen real estate within the top positions on search engine result pages.
  • It reinforces your business’s visibility in the local community.
  • Shows a phone number that allows searchers to immediately call and contact you.
  • Provides a link to Directions to your business – which can very beneficial for brick and mortar businesses that depend on Google for quick strike leads ranging from take out food to  Christmas tree  farms or even basement waterproofing

AdWords provides many good search advertising options for local businesses to generate leads, calls, and sales.  Using local extensions is one of many tools that can lead to success in pay per click marketing.

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