Inside Information on Wealthy Affiliates: Disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate University

Inside Information on Wealthy Affiliates: Disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate University

Inside Information on Wealthy Affiliates: Disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate UniversityEvery aspiring internet marketer would have heard about wealthy affiliates. Other than its very formidable website, they get their publicity from many wealthy affiliate reviews. These reviews are mostly posted by existing members of wealthy affiliate in a bid to attract more members to this celebrated program.

Listing the Advantages

The advantages of joining wealthy affiliates are many. The information provided is said to be the best available on the internet. Not only that, the program features an ever growing list of tools which help any novice internet marketer fast forward to complete authority in the marketing arena. This in alliance with their one on one support feature for new members makes it a truly comprehensive program. However, not everything is rosy and wonderful.

It is a fact that everything comes with its share of benefits and shortcomings. Wealthy Affiliate University is no exception. The program does have some disadvantages which are as follows:

  1. Membership Fees

This is one of the major reasons which keep people away from joining this otherwise great program. The membership is often deemed to high by many people. However, most existing members are of the view that the exclusive information and tools more than make up for the membership fees.

  1. No Place for Doubts

Even though Wealthy Affiliate University boasts of forms and other help sections, most new members complain about the ignorance directed at doubts and confusions. Since the information provided is overwhelming, it is only natural that one would have doubts creeping in his mind. Without proper addressal to doubts, one is left with incomplete knowledge which goes on to hamper his proficiency in the field.

  1. Lack of Phone Support

Most people find it easier to understand and take in knowledge when they get it by talking to a person. Even though it is quite impossible to teach everything regarding internet marketing to every member physically, it would be better even if the option limited itself to addressing doubts or giving small chunks of vital information.

  1. Less Emphasis on Multimedia

It is a fact that one can learn better if all his sensory organs are involved. Merely reading an eBook would not generate the kind of interest associated an interactive live session or even a DVD. This is one of the major shortcomings of Wealthy affiliate which showcases some of the best information available.

  1. Too Much Information

Most people might consider this as a plus point, but this is purely perceptional. Any new member is bound to feel flooded with information which is more than what he can handle. Given the abundance of information, it is quite normal to get confused as to where must one start from.

Make an Informed Choice

While deciding on wealthy affiliate university, it is essential that one correctly weighs his options. As mentioned before, everything, no matter how fascinating comes with its share of limitations. Wealthy affiliates program is widely regarded as the most comprehensive source for getting information on internet marketing. If one can keep these few limitations aside, he can truly pave his way to success.

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