Integrating Touch Screen Technology And Social Media

Integrating Touch Screen Technology And Social Media

With the recent boom in social media, touch screen technology is advancing to meet user’s networking needs and assist in marketing for businesses. Millions of people use popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis, creating an effective platform for businesses to communicate with their audience.

The growth of interactive kiosks is becoming evident in a wide range of sectors. With social media being used in conjunction with kiosks, businesses are given another level of marketing. For example, photo kiosks are becoming the new phenomenon in events and venues to invite users to be active in spreading brand awareness.

Groups of people interact with the touch screen kiosk, take photos and share them online via social media sites. The photos are then commented on, liked and shared across the web broadly spreading the brand’s image. Using an audience as a marketing tool is becoming a common strategy for businesses and the integration between social networking and technology presents the ideal solution.

Digital signage is utilising social media in large retail spaces to provide shoppers with a live stream of information, which can constantly be updated. Businesses and retailers can benefit from this as it provides an opportunity for advertising products and promotions. Publicly displaying a live feed from social networks can also provide opinions and comments from shoppers that can also work as user-generated marketing. Digital signage is also used to drive traffic into shopping centres.

Mobile devices are beginning to converge with interactive kiosks to reach greater online capabilities. This integration opens up opportunities to connect to social networks and encourage sharing online. In retail, wayfinding kiosks are coming together with tablets, iPads and Smartphones to allow users to access a digital map and link to a business’s Facebook page.

More than ever, businesses should be capitalising on touch screen systems and social media to boost marketing effectiveness, maximise online presence and raise their profile.

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