Norton Internet Security Software Review

Norton Internet Security Software Review

Norton Internet Security Software ReviewNorton Internet Security is the perfect solution for anyone who uses the computer for work, play, checking emails, and any one who surfs the internet at all. I have been using this product for as long as I can remember and I would not trust my computer to anything else, it is very user friendly and a smart investment for anyone who owns a computer.

Norton Internet Security is complete Security, checking not only for viruses, it blocks spam, stops web sites from stealing personal information. It also has parental controls to help you block sites you would rather not have your family surfing. Norton is a trusted name when it comes to anti virus software as well internet security and has been for many years.

This protects your computer by eliminating spy ware, ad ware, Trojans, worms, viruses effortlessly, simply install the Norton Internet Security software, and with a few clicks, your computer is safeguarded from all sorts of malicious programs as well as hackers.

When you install a program after installing the Norton Internet Security, you can set defaults for that program, such as the ability to go on line with that software. Therefore, Norton Internet Security protects software installed before and after installation, and this is something that all not all anti virus programs can do.

I recommend you do a quick scan weekly that scans the most common parts of your computer that viruses target, but once a month you need to do a deep scan of your entire hard drive with Norton Internet Security. I recommend you set your deep scans the first day of every month at 12.00 am so that the software will run while you are sleeping and you will awake to a clean computer.

Norton Internet Security also scans incoming as well as outgoing email so you never accidentally open a file, which comes in your email, which is a virus. It is never a good idea to open any type of file, which comes in your email box without scanning it first. In addition, if you get an email that tells you to check your account and includes a link, you would be very wise to type the web address into your browser and see if the email is legitimate or is an expedition, as Norton will not recognize that.

Identity theft is an immense problem that is making the news these days, and with this Norton Internet Security software, you can be assured that no one is able to steal your personal information, as this software protects from web sites.

It is never a smart idea to have bank account numbers on financial software on your computer, however if you choose to do this then you can rest assured with this Norton Internet Security your bank account numbers are safe from hackers, web sites, identity thieves and others who would do you harm.

Your bank accounts are not the only thing web sites are after; they want passwords to your papal account as well as email passwords. With Norton Internet Security, you do not have to worry about anything on your computer as long as you get the required free updates that come with the subscription

If you or anyone who uses your computer uses instant messengers, this Norton Internet Security software will also protect your computer while those instant messengers are running. This way you cannon accidentally download a file from a friend’ that contains up a virus. Currently this protects the major three instant messenger programs, aim, yahoo, and msn.

No one will be able to hijack your computer and use it to surf to other sites and do harm because of the Norton Internet Security features, which block hackers from being able to grab your computer for their own pleasures. A small pop up window will alert you to a recent hacking attempt but will also tell you the attempt was thwarted and the credit here goes to the firewall in the software.

Not only does Norton Internet Security protect your computer in every way mentioned in this article it also will help you keep your children safe by allowing you to block unwanted sites from being found by search engines. You can set the parental controls in Norton Internet Security to block out sites by keywords as well as internet web addresses, making it very family friendly as well.

As a parent, I trust Norton Internet Security to keep my children safe when they are doing homework online or surfing the internet. The parental controls have a password on it, so I am not worried that my children will go in there and change the web sites I do not condone. This keeps them safe, as well as my computer, which is truly a family computer.

Norton Internet Security will automatically search the internet daily for virus updates, and it is important to install these updates as they come in. Those virus protection updates are free with your yearly subscription fee, and are extremely helpful to safeguard your computer.

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