Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important For Your Business Promotion

Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important For Your Business Promotion

Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important For Your Business Promotion

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular and effective tools currently available to use for the promotion of websites. It can be said that sites that do not use SEO will never be able to achieve the success of those that do. There is no question that sites using properly implemented SEO see a large increase in traffic. So what is SEO and why do you need to use it? To put it simply, SEO is a way to get your site listed higher in search rankings. This translates into more people visiting your site and buying something. SEO is important to your business. Here are some things you need to know about it.

  1.  How it works

The process of using SEO to benefit your site is fairly complex. This is why most online business owners need to hire an SEO professional to do the work for them. Basically, search engines use different algorithms in order to find relevant sites when someone searches for an item. The criteria that the algorithms look for will dictate the order that the sites are ranked. Therefore, the person performing the SEO needs to be knowledgeable about the current algorithms being used. This is important because the SEO expert can then make sure the site has the correct words and phrases to increase its chances of being listed at or near the top of the search rankings.

  1.  Why is search ranking important?

Studies have shown that most people will only bother to look at the top 10 listings for any search they perform. The implications of this are not hard to understand. The sites that are in the top 10 will enjoy an enormous boost in the amount of new visitors they receive. Meanwhile, the other sites that are ranked lower will be left out in the cold. Therefore, making sure that your site is always ranked as high as possible is crucial for any online business to stay afloat. Domain name registration is also important to ensure that you secure a website name that is easy for people to remember.

  1.  How do you get the SEO process started?

The first thing you will need to do is to hire a person or company with a great deal of experience in SEO. This is not something you should try to do on your own in an effort to save money. The money that you spend on hiring an SEO professional will be worth it because of the additional traffic you receive. There are many different people and companies who are offering their services in the field of SEO. Choosing one from this large group can be a bit overwhelming. You need to realize that they are not all the same. Some have a much greater amount of knowledge than others. You should hire someone with at least three years of experience dealing with SEO. This will ensure that you are hiring someone who knows what he or she is doing.…

Three Reasons You Need to Be on Google+

Three Reasons You Need to Be on Google+

Three Reasons You Need to Be on Google+

Another new social media platform? Google+ has actually been around for years, but it’s just now picking up steam among mainstream web surfers. Previously considered nothing more than an avatar for your Google Chats, Google+ is becoming a big player in social media in its own right. It’s what LinkedIn wants to be: An authoritative, easy source to help browsers see if what they’re reading has merit.

The good news about Google+ is it only takes a few minutes to complete a profile. There’s only one photo, you don’t feel obligated to list your favorite movies and there aren’t friend lists to compete with. Instead, you can create “Circles” or simply follow whoever you’d like. However, as a professional, there are a few key reasons why you need to get on Google+ today.

Get Your Author Rank

Author Rank helps web surfers automatically pick out highlighted authors and lets them know these writers have web merit. For example, if a person wants to know more about Google SEO, they’ll discover a featured author who’s blogged about this topic. It comes complete with a Google+ profile picture, so a face is instantly matched with a name.

In the world of monetized blogging, this is a great feature. It makes an author stand out and builds his or her reputation, and it’s a great tool for sites who invest in quality writers.

Get Featured Results

Once a writer or expert starts making a name online, they’ll get featured at the top of search engine results. This is like an SEO shortcut, and you may have seen some Google+ profiles pop up on the upper right-hand side of Google search results.

Google is Already Your Professional Handle

In the era of freelancers, telecommuting and working from wherever, more people are depending on Google as their go-to source for everything from cloud storage to business email. That’s why it’s so important to use Google+ for the business-social side of things.

You can get your Google+ profile up in less than two minutes, so start today. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity.…

5 Deadly Sins of Online Marketing

5 Deadly Sins of Online Marketing

5 Deadly Sins of Online Marketing

Marketing a business online is probably one of the best ways to popularize your business and make it grow. If however, you think that online marketing is a total win-win situation, its time you take a reality check. Online marketing can go grievously wrong at certain times. Some of the most commonly prevailing sins of online marketing have been discussed below with their required repercussions:

Sin 1: Working without an on-site content strategy

In the online world, everything revolves around popularizing certain websites and leading audiences to those particular sites. Content of these websites can make or break your work strategy. If you have no content strategy in all, your rankings can be negatively impacted. If you’re not clear about yoru content strategy, you can also end up deviating the traffic away from your site.

Sin 2: Impatience

It requires patience and perseverance to attain results in case of online marketing. Impatience can lead to disastrous consequences, as you get no returns on your investment. Most strategies require a lot of time to impact your rankings and drive traffic. Give sufficient time to each strategy, and give it up only when you’ve observed the progress for a considerable period of time.

Sin 3: No mobile access

In today’s world, every technological development goes on to influence another development or strategy. In today’s heavily mobile-dependent world, depriving an audience of accessing the website through a smart phone is one of the biggest sins.

Sin 4: Confusion

No one likes to follow people who don’t know about their own destination. If you’re confused about your strategies, you’re committing an erroneous mistake. You need to be very clear about the work distribution, and devise a proper plan for the same. You must also be very clear about what you convey to your audiences. Having a confused attitude can especially hit you in case of business moves. If you don’t be clear about te location of your new office, and the time when you’ll be unavailable, you can lose out many clients and opportunities.

Sin 5: Black hat SEO

You may be really wrong in thinking that following some ‘Black Hat SEO techniques can do you any good. Even if you manage to get better rankings, you may lose out on traffic later on. You have a tendency of being caught out, and people can easily differentiate between what is genuine and what is not. There is also a risk of having your website suspended, and you also lose out the trust of your audiences.

Make it a point to devote time to online marketing, and prepare a proper plan for optimizing your site. It is better to study the impact and consequences of all your strategies carefully, before plunging to take up any decision.…

How One Internet Business Owner Gained Mega Media Exposure By Helping Others Online

How One Internet Business Owner Gained Mega Media Exposure By Helping Others Online

How One Internet Business Owner Gained Mega Media Exposure By Helping Others Online

If you’re looking for a real story of inspiration that will jump start you into taking action to grow your business, Chris Hanisco’s story and these 4 success tips based on her lessons learned are something you won’t want to miss.

Chris’s internet presence launched her specialty dips company from her kitchen to a feature on ABC World News, to the pages of Family Circle and Diet and Nutrition Magazine.

She’s been a guest on Start Up Nation radio, been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, and managed to grow a successful company almost completely on her own.

Chris Hanisco, home-based business owner and founder of the Dippy Chick Company, started her company less than 2 years ago with only $1500 that she says she “definitely could have used for other things.”

“I wish I could say that it started with a grand vision” she says, “But I didn’t. Things just sort of came together.” Though in talking with her about her journey between then and now, there were some significant decisions that paved the road to her success.

The story begins like many success stories—with an entrepreneurial spirit and a catalyst that caused her to jump in to her venture with two feet rather than just testing the waters.When she learned she was pregnant with her second child, she didn’t want to continue as a real estate agent and left to pursue her own business full time.

Having been to numerous craft shows and seeing the success of other packaged food items, she decided to develop a series of packaged vegetable and chip dips to sell online and at shows.

With a baby on the way and only a small sum left over from her final real estate commission check, she had to build a profitable and sustainable business quickly.When working with an extremely limited budget, decisions about where to spend money can make or break a fledgling business.

Here’s where the power of Chris’s choices begin to pave the way for her success.She put some of the money went toward things like web hosting, packaging, and ingredients to create her initial product line inventory.However, most of her money went toward obtaining a state license for her facility that is not even required in her state of New Hampshire.Regardless, Chris felt that this quality measure was instrumental for success.

Success Tip #1: Be fanatical about quality

Though The Dippy Chick Company is an online retailer, Chris knew that she was going to have to get out into the community to begin making sales quickly.For most of her first year in business, Chris spent weekdays creating product, and almost every weekend at craft shows.

Being face to face with shoppers at craft shows led to a critical turning point. She thought that “it might be fun” to experiment with a new, more artistic label, and a humorous name. “I was just having fun with it,” she says. At the next show, she noticed that browsers tended to gravitate toward the sillier packaging and expressed a great deal of excitement over that particular dip mix.

This enticed her to replace more of the original bland labels with more whimsical artwork and add funny names like “CrabbyOleBeach,” “Don’t Squat with Your Spurs On,” and “Atomic Wedgie Veggie.” The funnier the packaging, the more people raved.

Had she not gotten out into the community and seen how people reacted to her products first hand, she could have missed this critical element.Had her business only been online she would have missed this golden opportunity to learn from pure customer reaction.Though analytics tools can certainly aid an online business in identifying successful products, new business often don’t have large enough amounts of traffic to paint a full picture.In the end, even the best analytics software can’t compare with live, genuine customer feedback.

Success Tip #2: Test your product or service on real people

The lighthearted humor and down-to-earth tones of packaging are also reflected on The Dippy Chick website.You won’t find stuffy corporate logos here or photos of executives forcing canned smiles.

Instead you’ll be introduced to Chris and her family through photos.You’ll find out that her and her two sons have Celiac disease, a type of gluten intolerance.She calls herself dippy and talks about how her husband and their friends would eat dip while playing board games into the wee hours of the night.Just about everything on her site is a fun read because of the high-spirited, fun-loving tone.

She learned about the power of personal photos during her career in real estate. Instead of a Glamour Shots pose, she used a candid photo of herself and her son. She wanted to convey to people that she was a person just like them—a parent, interested in schools and safe neighborhoods, not just another person who could sell them a house. People responded well to this more personal approach that helped her to stand out from the crowd and sell homes.

The decision not to try and hide behind a website that made her look bigger than she actually was would become another critical factor in her success.When the press did begin to find her through various channels, it was personal nature of the site that caused them to want to interview her.

Journalists are always looking for the personal angle behind a story. People make interesting stories, not businesses. Chris has been featured ABC World News with Charlie Gibson, Start Up Nation radio, The Rockingham News, and WCCM AM 1490. Once they found her site, journalists knew they would have a winning interview and story because of Chris’s decision to be candid with her personality and her story on the website.

Success Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to reveal the people and the story behind the business

Getting a business off the ground is tough work—especially when you’re running the show solo.Though Chris has a wonderfully supportive husband, he works a full time job as well.With 2 kids and a craft show almost every weekend, this leaves little time for one woman to maintain a website, create packaging, purchase supplies, balance the books, ship orders, and produce the product.

Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, scary, and lonely at times, especially in the early days when you really don’t know if anyone even notices your efforts.In order to keep the momentum, Chris talked with other business owners in online forums like Startup Nation, Switchboard, and Momprenuer.This would lead to another critical turning point—one that would introduce her business to millions of people.

Chris visited various message boards to share genuine experiences with others in the community by contributing valuable information and helping others find solutions to problems.Meanwhile, someone at ABC was searching these message boards for interview leads for an upcoming show on mothers who were also entrepreneurs.One night she received a call from ABC, and several weeks later there was a film crew at her house.

Message boards are an ideal place for media scouts because posts reveal a lot about how a person might react in an interview.The person at ABC found her through an introduction post on one of the message boards, visited her site, liked her personality, and called her for the show.

Success Tip #4: Be active on community message boards – offer genuine advice and become part of the community.

At the time of our interview, The Dippy Chick Company hadn’t even reached its second year anniversary.Chris is still in awe about her success and is the first to admit that it did not begin as a grand vision.Things just fell into place as she made decisions that were in line with her ideals and her personality.

Dippy Chick dips are sold in 60 stores across the country. If there isn’t a store in your area, pick up a few of these amazing dips on the Dippy Chick website and support a fellow entrepreneur!…

Track your search engine rank for free.

Track your search engine rank for free.

Track your search engine rank for free.

Monitoring search engine rankings is one of the most important steps of the everyday search engine optimization work. This routine process is required not only to monitor your own SEO effort achievements, but also to keep any eye onto your rivals, for market research and many more.

And Google seems to be the most popular and authoritative seach engine nowadays. Tracking your Google search results manually is easy, unless you have more than one website and thousands of keywords to check. Let’s do a simple approximation.

Suppose, you have 3 websites with 50 different long- and short-tail keywords each. You want to monitor the first 5 pages for each keyword. Let’s say each check takes 20 seconds. So, if performed non-auto, it would take 3 * 50 * 5 * 20 = 15.000 seconds which is about 40 hours! And remember – the day is only 24 hours. Even if you worked 5 times faster, it still requires you to spend the whole work-day for this.

Surely, you aren’t ready to spend your life checking the web rankings of your website. That’s why you need some way to automate this task, preferrably for no cost. And here it is! Free Monitor for Google does exactly what its name says: it monitors your Google search results and shows you the exact position for each keyword. It works smoothly in background, uses search engine friendly way to perform queries and is absolutely free of charge, no strings attached!…

Caught on Haight Street with Google Street View

Caught on Haight Street with Google Street View

Caught on Haight Street with Google Street View

There’s been a lot of controversial buzz about Google’s new street view feature and whether or not it’s an invasion of privacy. I’m not sure what I think about it, but I do know that it’s a lot of fun.

I decided to peep in on San Francisco and see what was going on the infamous Haight St. While taking a virtual walk, I found these two down near Buena Vista Park. Hey… what’s that in that dude’s hand?…

Strategies for Lime State Web Designers

Strategies for Lime State Web Designers

Strategies for Lime State Web Designers

Every amateur need to examine some Content management systems systems that will your pet to create a number of free internet sites.
Hubpages in addition to Joomla ! are your favorite software programs suitable the Orange county web design first-timers, however you also can employ various other software programs. You have got to add your motor on your hard disk, and you could operate the orange county website design approaches to add graphic themes and totally free adventures.

Try and change your theme being exclusive, if you ever don’t would like your web site to check such as additional a huge selection of internet pages manufactured by a similar website design orange county Business.

Regardless of whether i am talking about classy and no cost Orange county web design tactics, you will want a minimum of a couple of several weeks to try this alterations.
Don’t use anything except elements and knowledge that comes with the world wide web.

If you’d like to contain the tiniest notion concerning your selected subject and also producing instructions, you should think about a site where you could grow on your own and you could become one of the better orange county website design authorities.

It becomes a complete waste of time to go on a Perl website design orange county system intended for really serious cash when you are keen about animation plus Activity Script.

Be able to generate free of charge websites utilizing the absolutely free Orange county web design procedures and boost in the occupation by designing other web sites in addition to web pages with all the advanced software programs that need a licence.

Generating a absolutely free web site is straightforward, and the ones men and women praoclaiming that you should have highly effective design software programs for example Dreamweaver and also Pen to develop a webpage tend to be telling lies.

A web page created utilizing the orange county website design is a simple product or service, and you simply need to think it over as an expenditure.

In case your corporation needs a basic web page, without the need of computer graphics, you may use this free of charge website design orange county approaches at your disposal.

Like a young small business owner inside the Orange county web design business, you need to pick the the required licenses for those plans that you are utilizing. This is the reason it is better to get started on your organization simply by developing simple pages which need solely no cost options.

When you mature to be a specialized, you will get additional customers requiring innovative orange county website design webpages.

Purchase the software programs essential for your own website design orange county small business steadily, you should creating a solid small business which brings severe dollars. Don’t just forget about sustaining web sites: though setting up a internet site will bring you dollars the moment, maintenance in addition to post-service acquiring is often a ongoing process that will bring you revenue consistently.…

Christmas Wishlist: 5 Gift Ideas for Internet Geeks

Christmas Wishlist: 5 Gift Ideas for Internet Geeks

Christmas Wishlist: 5 Gift Ideas for Internet Geeks

Stumped for last-minute gift ideas for your Internet-addicted friends and family members? The following are 5 ideas that can’t fail.

5 Gift Ideas for Internet Geeks

  1. Apparel– Fashionably Geek has some great t-shirts, clothing and other goodies to help social media and Internet nerds accessorize their wardrobe.
  2. iPad– Now available from Verizon (as well as AT&T), the iPad is a great device for people who are always on the go or who travel a lot and want to stay connected to the rest of the world without squinting at a tiny screen. [starting at $500]
  3. Eye-Fi– Many of you probably haven’t heard of the Eye-Fi, and that’s ok. Available online or at your local Best Buy, the Eye-Fi is the first wireless memory card that looks, stores media and fits into most cameras similar to an SDHC card. Even more awesome is the fact that the Eye-Fi card has built-in Wi-Fi that uses your wireless network to easily transfer photos and videos [starting at $50]
  4. Google TV– Available through Sony or Logitech, Google TV is similar to regular television in that it operates from a set-top box using a form of Google’s Android OS. It’s social + TV combined. Best of all, beginning in 2011, Android will become available for purchase, making Google TV an awesome gadget to have your hands on (if your a social media addict that is…). [starting at $300]
  5. Livescribe Echo Smartpen– Don’t be fooled; this is no ordinary pen. The Livescribe Echo Smartpen features a microphone in the tip, built-in speaker, 400-800 hours of recorded audio storage (4GB or 8GB model), audio jack, micro-USB connector and an OLED high contrast display, to name a few. This pen is a definite must-have. [starting at $170]

Google TV Ads

Google TV Ads

Google TV Ads

As most now know Google is in the TV advertising game. All TV ads are running through Dish Network for now. The user interface for the TV advertising is consistently simple as the AdWords advertising.  Still the options we love with AdWords like day parting, budgeting, demographic targeting based on networks, programing etc. However all changes take effect the next day. Great tracking as we are accustomed to from using analytics data. For those of us that have used radio advertising they do have a Market Place for finding people to help us develop our TV Ads. With the Google TV Ads you can block and select the actual programing (show’s) you want and don’t want to show for.  I believe this is a great step in the right direction for the control and reporting that small to large business are looking for with TV. Obviously for the cost of creating ads and the actual air time it will be reserved for those companies that can maximize a relatively higher advertising budget with Google TV advertising. I look forward to hearing success stories using Google TV Ads. Noah @ LookToTheRight.comÂ
/How Businesses Can Best Use Google AdWords’ Local Extensions /

Small businesses often use paid search marketing as an advertising tool.  And often times, it does not go very well.  Dentists, lawyers, doctors, landscapers, and other service based small businesses that have a local footprint can use Google AdWords to gain online exposure. However, often times businesses don’t get the results they are looking for.  One item in the AdWords tool kit that can help generate leads for local businesses in search is the Google Local Extension.

Before I go into Local Extensions, let’s be sure that we have some basics down for businesses when using AdWords.  These are tenets that we use with any small business AdWords blog.  To review:

  1. Be sure you are only using the search network
  2. Have your Google Analytics account linked to your AdWords account to measure traffic
  3. Double check your geographic target and make sure you are advertising only in the local footprint you want exposure
  4. Be sure that your keyword selection is specific, and for very generalized terms you are using phrase or exact match terms to avoid any wasteful clicks

Once you’ve got that down, you can move on to extensions. To enable, go into your campaigns view within the AdWords interface.  Then go to the Ad Extensions tab.

From here – select Location Extensions from the drop down list of Extension options.

From here, you have two options.  You can either use your address from your linked Google Places account, or you can  use”Manually Entered Addresses”.  This is a helpful option in case you have multiple businesses and are testing some geo-targets.

Once this is in play you now will see this address appear within ad copy in certain query situations (note: you will not see the address extension show up in all ad displays). Having this extension show up in a query has several advantages:

  • It gives businesses another advantage in terms of taking up precious screen real estate within the top positions on search engine result pages.
  • It reinforces your business’s visibility in the local community.
  • Shows a phone number that allows searchers to immediately call and contact you.
  • Provides a link to Directions to your business – which can very beneficial for brick and mortar businesses that depend on Google for quick strike leads ranging from take out food to  Christmas tree  farms or even basement waterproofing

AdWords provides many good search advertising options for local businesses to generate leads, calls, and sales.  Using local extensions is one of many tools that can lead to success in pay per click marketing.…

Web design studios from the German city of Stuttgart

Web design studios from the German city of Stuttgart

Web design studios from the German city of Stuttgart

Stuttgart advertising instrumentality(Werbeagentur Stuttgart) offers your plat to fit smashing and amateur!

Your website on not only unique, but also professional. Studio webdesign stuttgart for this is keen to put on the market their own expert opportunities.

Solely expert webdesigner and webmaster represent how much invested in a secondary word-abbriviature «seo». This is where the leviathan range of questions and answers, which is commonplace becoming more and more. Be that as it may, unambiguous moments still remain staunch, for benchmark, how is that any luminary plan should be riveting, unmatched, magnificent and nearby fitting for the Internet user is in some style and requires thoughtful expert trap layout – such as webdesign stuttgart.

Werbeagentur offers manifest since your job the full budding of an organized, efficient snare block out, which resolve unavoidably be spelt to its object, your party goals and the highlight of the site. Each unmistakable duty the milieu pleasure be aimed at the start of its holistic and stylish webdesign (webdesign)

Our studio focuses on the presence of in style well-defined destine of the plot, we be compelled reject the important graphics editors, and the emerge is a unique resourceful set up scheme, where every cadre is entranced into account.

To fashion your jut out employs a tandem join up of professionals, we spawn a unique image – webdesign stuttgart, stretchy and helpful for your users, and each time – attractive. Each routine out of keeping with is approved by the location possessor, so the contemplate turns abroad absolutely the practice you force it themselves and imagine.

If, to whatever manner, a sharp sight for sore eyes someone is concerned the future spider’s web develop placement you be struck by not still happened – our specialists can stop in this. Like!…