Caught on Haight Street with Google Street View

Caught on Haight Street with Google Street View

Caught on Haight Street with Google Street View

There’s been a lot of controversial buzz about Google’s new street view feature and whether or not it’s an invasion of privacy. I’m not sure what I think about it, but I do know that it’s a lot of fun.

I decided to peep in on San Francisco and see what was going on the infamous Haight St. While taking a virtual walk, I found these two down near Buena Vista Park. Hey… what’s that in that dude’s hand?…

Strategies for Lime State Web Designers

Strategies for Lime State Web Designers

Strategies for Lime State Web Designers

Every amateur need to examine some Content management systems systems that will your pet to create a number of free internet sites.
Hubpages in addition to Joomla ! are your favorite software programs suitable the Orange county web design first-timers, however you also can employ various other software programs. You have got to add your motor on your hard disk, and you could operate the orange county website design approaches to add graphic themes and totally free adventures.

Try and change your theme being exclusive, if you ever don’t would like your web site to check such as additional a huge selection of internet pages manufactured by a similar website design orange county Business.

Regardless of whether i am talking about classy and no cost Orange county web design tactics, you will want a minimum of a couple of several weeks to try this alterations.
Don’t use anything except elements and knowledge that comes with the world wide web.

If you’d like to contain the tiniest notion concerning your selected subject and also producing instructions, you should think about a site where you could grow on your own and you could become one of the better orange county website design authorities.

It becomes a complete waste of time to go on a Perl website design orange county system intended for really serious cash when you are keen about animation plus Activity Script.

Be able to generate free of charge websites utilizing the absolutely free Orange county web design procedures and boost in the occupation by designing other web sites in addition to web pages with all the advanced software programs that need a licence.

Generating a absolutely free web site is straightforward, and the ones men and women praoclaiming that you should have highly effective design software programs for example Dreamweaver and also Pen to develop a webpage tend to be telling lies.

A web page created utilizing the orange county website design is a simple product or service, and you simply need to think it over as an expenditure.

In case your corporation needs a basic web page, without the need of computer graphics, you may use this free of charge website design orange county approaches at your disposal.

Like a young small business owner inside the Orange county web design business, you need to pick the the required licenses for those plans that you are utilizing. This is the reason it is better to get started on your organization simply by developing simple pages which need solely no cost options.

When you mature to be a specialized, you will get additional customers requiring innovative orange county website design webpages.

Purchase the software programs essential for your own website design orange county small business steadily, you should creating a solid small business which brings severe dollars. Don’t just forget about sustaining web sites: though setting up a internet site will bring you dollars the moment, maintenance in addition to post-service acquiring is often a ongoing process that will bring you revenue consistently.…

Christmas Wishlist: 5 Gift Ideas for Internet Geeks

Christmas Wishlist: 5 Gift Ideas for Internet Geeks

Christmas Wishlist: 5 Gift Ideas for Internet Geeks

Stumped for last-minute gift ideas for your Internet-addicted friends and family members? The following are 5 ideas that can’t fail.

5 Gift Ideas for Internet Geeks

  1. Apparel– Fashionably Geek has some great t-shirts, clothing and other goodies to help social media and Internet nerds accessorize their wardrobe.
  2. iPad– Now available from Verizon (as well as AT&T), the iPad is a great device for people who are always on the go or who travel a lot and want to stay connected to the rest of the world without squinting at a tiny screen. [starting at $500]
  3. Eye-Fi– Many of you probably haven’t heard of the Eye-Fi, and that’s ok. Available online or at your local Best Buy, the Eye-Fi is the first wireless memory card that looks, stores media and fits into most cameras similar to an SDHC card. Even more awesome is the fact that the Eye-Fi card has built-in Wi-Fi that uses your wireless network to easily transfer photos and videos [starting at $50]
  4. Google TV– Available through Sony or Logitech, Google TV is similar to regular television in that it operates from a set-top box using a form of Google’s Android OS. It’s social + TV combined. Best of all, beginning in 2011, Android will become available for purchase, making Google TV an awesome gadget to have your hands on (if your a social media addict that is…). [starting at $300]
  5. Livescribe Echo Smartpen– Don’t be fooled; this is no ordinary pen. The Livescribe Echo Smartpen features a microphone in the tip, built-in speaker, 400-800 hours of recorded audio storage (4GB or 8GB model), audio jack, micro-USB connector and an OLED high contrast display, to name a few. This pen is a definite must-have. [starting at $170]

Google TV Ads

Google TV Ads

Google TV Ads

As most now know Google is in the TV advertising game. All TV ads are running through Dish Network for now. The user interface for the TV advertising is consistently simple as the AdWords advertising.  Still the options we love with AdWords like day parting, budgeting, demographic targeting based on networks, programing etc. However all changes take effect the next day. Great tracking as we are accustomed to from using analytics data. For those of us that have used radio advertising they do have a Market Place for finding people to help us develop our TV Ads. With the Google TV Ads you can block and select the actual programing (show’s) you want and don’t want to show for.  I believe this is a great step in the right direction for the control and reporting that small to large business are looking for with TV. Obviously for the cost of creating ads and the actual air time it will be reserved for those companies that can maximize a relatively higher advertising budget with Google TV advertising. I look forward to hearing success stories using Google TV Ads. Noah @ LookToTheRight.comÂ
/How Businesses Can Best Use Google AdWords’ Local Extensions /

Small businesses often use paid search marketing as an advertising tool.  And often times, it does not go very well.  Dentists, lawyers, doctors, landscapers, and other service based small businesses that have a local footprint can use Google AdWords to gain online exposure. However, often times businesses don’t get the results they are looking for.  One item in the AdWords tool kit that can help generate leads for local businesses in search is the Google Local Extension.

Before I go into Local Extensions, let’s be sure that we have some basics down for businesses when using AdWords.  These are tenets that we use with any small business AdWords blog.  To review:

  1. Be sure you are only using the search network
  2. Have your Google Analytics account linked to your AdWords account to measure traffic
  3. Double check your geographic target and make sure you are advertising only in the local footprint you want exposure
  4. Be sure that your keyword selection is specific, and for very generalized terms you are using phrase or exact match terms to avoid any wasteful clicks

Once you’ve got that down, you can move on to extensions. To enable, go into your campaigns view within the AdWords interface.  Then go to the Ad Extensions tab.

From here – select Location Extensions from the drop down list of Extension options.

From here, you have two options.  You can either use your address from your linked Google Places account, or you can  use”Manually Entered Addresses”.  This is a helpful option in case you have multiple businesses and are testing some geo-targets.

Once this is in play you now will see this address appear within ad copy in certain query situations (note: you will not see the address extension show up in all ad displays). Having this extension show up in a query has several advantages:

  • It gives businesses another advantage in terms of taking up precious screen real estate within the top positions on search engine result pages.
  • It reinforces your business’s visibility in the local community.
  • Shows a phone number that allows searchers to immediately call and contact you.
  • Provides a link to Directions to your business – which can very beneficial for brick and mortar businesses that depend on Google for quick strike leads ranging from take out food to  Christmas tree  farms or even basement waterproofing

AdWords provides many good search advertising options for local businesses to generate leads, calls, and sales.  Using local extensions is one of many tools that can lead to success in pay per click marketing.…

Web design studios from the German city of Stuttgart

Web design studios from the German city of Stuttgart

Web design studios from the German city of Stuttgart

Stuttgart advertising instrumentality(Werbeagentur Stuttgart) offers your plat to fit smashing and amateur!

Your website on not only unique, but also professional. Studio webdesign stuttgart for this is keen to put on the market their own expert opportunities.

Solely expert webdesigner and webmaster represent how much invested in a secondary word-abbriviature «seo». This is where the leviathan range of questions and answers, which is commonplace becoming more and more. Be that as it may, unambiguous moments still remain staunch, for benchmark, how is that any luminary plan should be riveting, unmatched, magnificent and nearby fitting for the Internet user is in some style and requires thoughtful expert trap layout – such as webdesign stuttgart.

Werbeagentur offers manifest since your job the full budding of an organized, efficient snare block out, which resolve unavoidably be spelt to its object, your party goals and the highlight of the site. Each unmistakable duty the milieu pleasure be aimed at the start of its holistic and stylish webdesign (webdesign)

Our studio focuses on the presence of in style well-defined destine of the plot, we be compelled reject the important graphics editors, and the emerge is a unique resourceful set up scheme, where every cadre is entranced into account.

To fashion your jut out employs a tandem join up of professionals, we spawn a unique image – webdesign stuttgart, stretchy and helpful for your users, and each time – attractive. Each routine out of keeping with is approved by the location possessor, so the contemplate turns abroad absolutely the practice you force it themselves and imagine.

If, to whatever manner, a sharp sight for sore eyes someone is concerned the future spider’s web develop placement you be struck by not still happened – our specialists can stop in this. Like!…

Advertising Gifts – A Traditional Marketing Method with a Modern Twist

Advertising Gifts – A Traditional Marketing Method with a Modern Twist

Advertising Gifts – A Traditional Marketing Method with a Modern Twist

Let’s get one thing straight. Handing out advertising gifts to clients and potential customers is not outdated. It’s a traditional marketing method that’s leapt into the twenty-first century. And it’s simple yet effective charms are still enticing businesses looking to gain a competitive edge.

But what different types of product are now available? And how can they help market a company and foster brand awareness?

Well, all businesses are looking for items that guarantee usability while at the same time offering a marketing platform.

In other words, there’s no point handing out gifts that are of little use and will just get thrown away. With budgets tighter than ever it’s vital to ensure an investment in promotional goods pays off.

Gifts need to also provide a way that enables businesses promote their services.

This can work in any one of two ways:

  1. The Memorable Souvenir. OK, so you’re handing out tokens of appreciation at a trade event, conference or exhibition. They’re not branded and they bear little relation to what your company actually does. But that doesn’t have to matter. So long as the item is memorable the recipient will still have a physical and visual reminder of where it came from. And what your company is busy doing. After all, even a room full of CNC turners could do with a beach towel. And they’ll think of your business while splashing in the sea.
  2. A visibly branded item. Let’s go nuclear, as it were. Hit them with all you’ve got. Make sure your company logo and message is emblazoned prominently across your gift. Soon your business will be permanently etched in the minds of consumers. But you can still be ostentatious while remaining tasteful. And modern gifts are all about functionality as well as promotion.

Modern Solutions for Today’s Needs

That last point leads neatly on to a further examination of modern advertising gifts. What’s out there? And is it fit for purpose?

The latter obviously depends on what the need is. Touch-screen gloves enable iPod and iPhone owners to use their devices and keep their hands warm. No more having to constantly take gloves off just to send a text or make a call.

This example would certainly sit well in the ‘memorable souvenir’ category. The gloves might not have a logo or symbol on them. But they’ll be appreciated and get plenty of use. However, what about a solution that combines this kind of permanence with powerful branding opportunities? For example, creative manufacturers have devised earphone winder cards. As the name suggests they’re used for winding round earphones into special cut outs. Therefore, there are no more tangles, as one prominent shampoo marketing campaign once stated about its products. Furthermore, a printed surface area allows space for a motif, logo or message to be included. Not only are these cards useful they also display marketing savvy.

Advertising gifts need to make a statement. Whether they’re branded or not the items a business offers its clients should serve a purpose and be memorable. After all, they might only be small tokens of appreciation. But they’re showcasing a company and reflect its values.

Thankfully, innovators of the contemporary variety have stumbled upon a winning formula. This combines the functionality of useable products with visible branding opportunities. It’s a modern twist that’s boosting the fortunes of a traditional marketing method.…

Small Entrepreneurs in Orange county web design

Small Entrepreneurs in Orange county web design

Small Entrepreneurs in Orange county web design

Numerous younger business owners manufactured the pc as well as net their full capacity good friend, but they want to get to another level aside from enjoying PC games everyday. If you’d like to bring any share to the Orange county web design, however you should also earn their living coming from something you such as, this is actually the option to stick to. Many individuals looking being specialists in this subject don’t hold the merest strategy where to begin. Let’s take a look at the main Orange county website design methods that you should stick to

Initial, when you’re pondering website design orange county, you need internet sites. Creating an internet site is done by using certain directions:

– graphic Orange county web design
– animations
– web computer programming
– online promoting

Web host regarding Orange county website design

This can be a connected vicinity with the website design orange county. You will need to look at a internet site that brings you full satisfaction and cash. Revenue will definitely can come in case you are great while in the Orange county web design areas. Marketing and advertising to select your favorite Orange county website design niche market, because each website necessitates many years of review.

Graphic website design orange county

The direct applications utilized for web development are usually Illustrator, Illustrator, Corel or Indesign. Additionally, there are some other plans based upon Expensive Animations just like Silverlight, 3d images Greatest extent, and Adobe Display.

Selection Orange county web design
Regarding net development, you’ll need PHP, MySQL, or perhaps JavaScript.

To get Orange county website design in promoting, there won’t be any consecrated techniques, as you will still only need research, and also generally a specialist which could give you straight answers and also coach you how to prevent a useless advertising and also Search engine marketing approaches.

Hosting website design orange county can be made upon Linux systems or Microsoft windows. Each one of people programs features application and contrasting technological know-how to assist you. You can also test the state-of-the-art applications off their Operating systems, but Linux system, Windows 7 as well as perhaps UNIX work best.

In the event that all those terms look like language for yourself, don’t worry. Information and facts are accessible for all those phrases, therefore you might research all of them from free assets. Test out the actual platforms, look for a alternative to suit your needs and initiate making whatever you including at the moment. Don’t keep worrying about the funds. Once you learn your work and you are interested in the idea, the money will come also.…

Internet Marketing – Should it be any different?

Internet Marketing - Should it be any different?

Internet Marketing - Should it be any different?

When the Yellow Pages (Phone Book) charges a business hundreds if not thousands per month to run a 12 month ad that the business is locked in to, do they guarantee in writing a certain ROI? I don’t think so.

What about Direct Mail through something like Money Mailer that usually costs about $500 for 10,000 addresses. Again, I don’t think so.

What about a newspaper ad that may cost $500, $1,000, $2,000 or more for 1 ad depending on the city and the size of the ad. Again, I say… I don’t think so.

So what’s up with people concerning Internet Marketing? Is there a guarantee that the phone will ring from it? No, it’s marketing. It’s advertising. There are lots and lots of variables…consistency…budget…the client…etc.

Marketing and advertising should give a higher ROI than the investment, but that is not always the case. In our Internet Marketing Business, the clients who get the biggest ROI are the ones that let us do what we were hired to do and trust our expertise in the field. These clients are usually very happy. The clients who are not happy are the controlling ones that often expect next day results. O.K., realistically not next day just the day after.

Two simple case studies…Both in the same field but one targets men and the other targets women. That’s why we worked with both at the same time.

Client 1: Knows exactly what the business is about
Client 2: Doesn’t have a clear business focus

Client 1: Approves our work fast
Client 2: Continuously revises copy

Client 1: Has a phone number that rings to a live person during business hours
Client 2: Phone number is a cell phone that doesn’t get reception at their office

I could go on and on. Needless to say,client # 2 decided that since their phone wasn’t ringing from the internet that they’d no longer use our services. We think it’s best if they find another marketing company.

Share your thoughts below……

Important Things to Know about Digital Marketing

Important Things to Know about Digital Marketing

Important Things to Know about Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? If you are planning to use it for your business, what are the basics you need to be aware of? You might be wondering what a local digital marketing in Cornwall company could do for your business. Here’s a concise summary of what you need to know about digital marketing.

  1. Digital marketing involves many things

There are many aspects to digital marketing, and you may know some of them as separate disciplines. Digital marketing is a catchall phrase that includes search engine optimisation, website design, paid search engine marketing, banner and text ads, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, content marketing, social media management, as well as SMS and in-app marketing. A company that claims to be an expert in digital marketing must be good at these marketing modes or methods.

  1. There is no one-size-fits-all solution

Digital marketing campaigns should be carefully planned and implemented. The system that worked for one company cannot be expected to work for another company. Before using digital marketing, it’s important to carefully analyse needs first, to know what specific methods can be considered applicable and useful. You can’t just use generic marketing programs or setups. You can’t just copy what another company has been using just because that other company has been getting good results.

  1. Digital marketing does not always guarantee success

While many businesses make use of digital marketing, this does not mean that it’s foolproof. That’s why it’s important to regularly monitor results if you are using digital marketing strategies. You need to be dynamic in what you do. You have to tweak your methods in relation to the results you are getting. You have to track your progress and evaluate if you are getting anywhere with the digital marketing campaign you are undertaking. One advantage of digital marketing is that it is flexible or easy to adjust. With regular monitoring, you can implement changes to make sure that the whole campaign does not result in a complete failure.

  1. Use combinations of different digital marketing methods for best results

As mentioned, there are many forms of digital marketing and to make sure you get the best outcomes possible, it is advisable to make use of a combination of several of these. Sometimes using only the free or least expensive methods does not get you anywhere. If simple social media promotions and basic SEO are not getting the job done, you may need to spend on targeted banner or text ads. You may have to invest in apps associated with your brand or product.

Digital marketing is an important way to promote a business. With the right planning, monitoring, and tweaking, you can make it work as desired. You just have to direct effort, time, and research to make sure that you are getting the best results out of it.…

Professional Networking On (& Off) the Web

Professional Networking On (& Off) the Web

Professional Networking On (& Off) the Web

Time and Tracking Another common question from web networkers is “How do I know where I or my business are showing up on the web, and when something good or bad is being said about us?” The no-cost answer is to install the simple feature of Google Alerts. For more comprehensive reports there are paid services like Andy Beal’s reputation monitor called Trackur.

If you’re reading this and calculating the amount of time it might take to manage a number of on-line networking profiles, blogs and groups, consider the power and value of three little letters that you may have overlooked on many web pages– RSS– which stands for Real Simple Syndication. RSS has origins in the concept of big news agencies “syndicating” their information so others could pull it and use it. RSS gives all users the power of producing news or changing information that others can pull in, just like they would a national on-line newspaper. When you see RSS on the screen, it means that with something called a blog reader or a news aggregator you get to select the information that you want to keep up with, such as national news or news from your local social media site, and business networking sites like Linkedin, all in one location. With this method you are able at a quick glance to keep up with current news, new blog postings, or new connections your business allies are making on Linkedin at a quick glance. Then, if you want more details, you can “pull” more information as needed from your blog reader. Instead of being buried in email updates from sites, mixed in with news letters that you no longer follow, you can choose what you track and the degree you wish to follow it by only getting what’s new or changed.

You may think, how can I afford the time to use Social Media? If you realize that for many businesses this is where your current and future customers are, you can not afford to not spend time with it. Pick something and start small. You may choose to begin with Linkedin, on of the Inside Area Code sites (like,  Facebook, or Twitter.  Set aside a little time each day or week to “relate on-line”.

The new social media gives businesses the opportunity to be closer to their customers than ever before. Business networking brings us the ability to build alliances both locally and globally. The key is to not forget the value of the in-person connections which complement and enhance on-line relationships. Quality relationships still take time to develop—on and off the web.…