Micrositez are a Leading UK SEO that are now bringing their services to the US shores. Micrositez UK have been the leading SEO Company dealing with huge names such as The National Health Service & Global Christian charity TearfundTM. Born in the UK we have tailored our services to the needs and requirement of any business, providing quality & ethical SEO that’s perfected in the USA.

Search Engine Optimization really does fall into two major categories, these being on-page & off-page. On-page SEO is a mixture of our specialist knowledge that setups your website to target profitable keywords on the internet. Changes are made to the content of the website along with the meta descriptions, title tags and also other back end and Google friendly information like sitemaps and Robots texts.

As a leading SEO Company we understand that on-page SEO accounts for around 20% of any SEO project and the remainder of the project boils down to making more noise internet marketing wise then your competition. The more nose internet marketing wise that you make the further your rankings appear on the search engines.

We specialise in link building. Links are made in a number of different fashions, however always being built by hand and always using ethical techniques. We make your internet marketing look as if your customers are talking about your products and services.

Once we have completed your SEO project we upload your reports to our bespoke on-line ranking suite that allows you to see where your website is ranking, how far away you website is from the hotspots and also what work we have complete from your package.

We really do go the extra mile for our customers and this is the reason we are the UK’s number 1 link building company, voted by TOPSEO’s the internets only search vender.

Search Engine Optimization and Web Design from Micrositez… born in the UK perfected in the USA.

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