“Should My Business Be on Facebook?”

“Should My Business Be on Facebook?”

“Should My Business Be on Facebook?”

Maybe and maybe not. Let’s ask some different questions. Feel free to use this same logic for LinkedIn, Twitter, FourSquare, or pretty much anything else.

I’ve noticed that the “herd” mentality starts to come into play more with social media than with other things. The reason seems simple. Most people don’t really understand it, but everybody seems to be doing it. Plus, it’s free. The innate human tendency: when in doubt, follow the crowd.

Not every business is on the internet. In fact, there is still a huge segment of the population that doesn’t particularly like computers and prefers to use them as little as possible. I hear generalized statements like “everybody’s going to the internet these days – that’s where you have to be!” I think to myself, “not necessarily.” Not everyone thinks the same way.

If you’re considering putting up a Facebook page for your business, you’d do best to keep this in mind. While you don’t have to pay for a Facebook page (at least not yet), time is money. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Why (specifically) do you think your business would benefit from being on Facebook?
  2. What specific measurable goal do you believe that you can achieve on Facebook that you can’t achieve anywhere else?
  3. 90 days now, how will you determine whether your idea proved to be correct or not?
  4. How much time per week are you willing to commit to spend learning how to use Facebook for your business?
  5. Do you know of any businesses like yours that are currently making more money because they use Facebook?

You might think that just because it doesn’t cost any money, you have nothing to lose. The risk, when it comes to free things like Facebook, is spreading your time too thin. When you see a way for Facebook to produce measurable results (preferably direct revenue), you’re ready to pull the trigger.

If you’re not clear about how Facebook will make you money, but you still want to start playing around with it anyhow, that’s fine. Just do it on your personal time and don’t think of it as a business activity.

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