Steps to Concealing Internet Surfing at Work


How to Hide Your IP Address | Anonymous Downloading and Browsing

With more and more companies tracking their wireless computer networks employees can get in trouble as a result of their online activities. However, just as companies try and use new technology to monitor their employees there is new technology being sold to block them from being able to doing this.

Conceal a Computers IP Address While Internet Surfing

An employee can use programs that conceal their computers IP address if the company they are working for is attempting to monitor them at work. If someone’s IP address is concealed there is no way that a company can track their online activities or be able to tell what web sites they have visited. People can find programs that will conceal their computers IP address by performing an internet search for “hide a computer IP address”.

Do Not Email Other Employees Non Business Messages

In many offices an employee will find an entertaining web site or video and share it with the rest of the office. This is a great way to leave a paper trail that an employee is goofing off and not working.


Do not ever start one of these email chains, and it is better to just delete these emails when they are received on wireless computer networks that are being actively monitored. This is giving management an obvious reason to reprimand an employee for their online activities.

Use a Computer Screen Privacy Filter

These privacy filters block someone from viewing what is on the computer screen unless they are right in front of it(even someone at a small angle will not be able to read the screen). This is an easy way to stop somebody from walking by and being able to see what website is currently open on the computer. People can purchase these privacy filters at computer stores or they can also be bought online.

Keep a Relevant File Open

Keep an office document minimized on the computer screen. Minimize the document and keep it at the bottom corner of the screen for quick access. This way if someone needs to change web sites quickly they can just maximize a relevant office document very quickly. This is just in case someone happens to walk directly behind the computer screen where the privacy filter may not block them as they would not be at an angle trying to view it.

Use These Techniques to Conceal Internet Surfing

Companies that are monitoring their employees is nothing new, but there are ways that this monitoring can be defeated. If an employee wishes to keep some privacy while they are working these techniques will allow them to keep their internet activities private.

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