Three Reasons You Need to Be on Google+

Three Reasons You Need to Be on Google+

Three Reasons You Need to Be on Google+

Another new social media platform? Google+ has actually been around for years, but it’s just now picking up steam among mainstream web surfers. Previously considered nothing more than an avatar for your Google Chats, Google+ is becoming a big player in social media in its own right. It’s what LinkedIn wants to be: An authoritative, easy source to help browsers see if what they’re reading has merit.

The good news about Google+ is it only takes a few minutes to complete a profile. There’s only one photo, you don’t feel obligated to list your favorite movies and there aren’t friend lists to compete with. Instead, you can create “Circles” or simply follow whoever you’d like. However, as a professional, there are a few key reasons why you need to get on Google+ today.

Get Your Author Rank

Author Rank helps web surfers automatically pick out highlighted authors and lets them know these writers have web merit. For example, if a person wants to know more about Google SEO, they’ll discover a featured author who’s blogged about this topic. It comes complete with a Google+ profile picture, so a face is instantly matched with a name.

In the world of monetized blogging, this is a great feature. It makes an author stand out and builds his or her reputation, and it’s a great tool for sites who invest in quality writers.

Get Featured Results

Once a writer or expert starts making a name online, they’ll get featured at the top of search engine results. This is like an SEO shortcut, and you may have seen some Google+ profiles pop up on the upper right-hand side of Google search results.

Google is Already Your Professional Handle

In the era of freelancers, telecommuting and working from wherever, more people are depending on Google as their go-to source for everything from cloud storage to business email. That’s why it’s so important to use Google+ for the business-social side of things.

You can get your Google+ profile up in less than two minutes, so start today. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity.

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