Track your search engine rank for free.

Track your search engine rank for free.

Track your search engine rank for free.

Monitoring search engine rankings is one of the most important steps of the everyday search engine optimization work. This routine process is required not only to monitor your own SEO effort achievements, but also to keep any eye onto your rivals, for market research and many more.

And Google seems to be the most popular and authoritative seach engine nowadays. Tracking your Google search results manually is easy, unless you have more than one website and thousands of keywords to check. Let’s do a simple approximation.

Suppose, you have 3 websites with 50 different long- and short-tail keywords each. You want to monitor the first 5 pages for each keyword. Let’s say each check takes 20 seconds. So, if performed non-auto, it would take 3 * 50 * 5 * 20 = 15.000 seconds which is about 40 hours! And remember – the day is only 24 hours. Even if you worked 5 times faster, it still requires you to spend the whole work-day for this.

Surely, you aren’t ready to spend your life checking the web rankings of your website. That’s why you need some way to automate this task, preferrably for no cost. And here it is! Free Monitor for Google does exactly what its name says: it monitors your Google search results and shows you the exact position for each keyword. It works smoothly in background, uses search engine friendly way to perform queries and is absolutely free of charge, no strings attached!

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