Using Blogs to Express Yourself Online

Using Blogs to Express Yourself Online

Using Blogs to Express Yourself OnlineLike social networking or Google searches, blogging is a twenty-first century phenomena that has become a mainstay of modern life. When we’ve reached the level where mainstream media outlets are covering high-profile blog posts from celebrities, politicians and other social commentators, it’s safe to say that a blog in the right hands can be a powerful medium for personal expression.

However, while it is something that everyone can do, it’s not something that everyone does well. There are no tutorials on how to blog effectively, but with a few solid tips, it is possible to turn your blog into something meaningful that will always attract readers.

Discover Your Passion and Your Voice

Enthusiasm for writing (or acting, if you’re doing a video blog) is a good way to get a blog started. Pick a subject that you really care about, find a website to host your blog and start posting!

However, while enthusiasm is a great way to start, it alone, can’t sustain your blog. You need to focus your passion into your writing, determine to discuss the different aspects of your subject and develop it into a consistent schedule of posts.

The same goes for the voice and tone of your blog. There may be dozens of blogs on the same topic that you’re writing about, but your voice is your own. Find a way to be a little different, to approach the subject from a new angle and to learn from your readers just what they get out of your fresh tone and perspective.

Become an Expert, Not Just Another Writer

One thing that draws a consistent audience for bloggers is expertise. Of course, they’ll look for entertainment or opinions they agree with, but expertise and clear facts can also make for a reliable following. And since you, the potential blogger, will be writing about something you care deeply about, then you’ll want to really know this subject inside and out, even if you have to do additional research. It may seem like a chore at first, along with trying to keep up a consistent schedule of blog writing, but in the long run, that dedication will show in your blog and it will make your readers more dedicated to following you, as well.

Create and Refine Your Online Persona

Passion and expertise are two essential ingredients for a successful blogger, but the third and final element is no less crucial: an engaging online persona. Being online means that you have to express yourself in a way that you normally can’t in face-to-face conversation, which may sound limiting, but can actually be very liberating. The blog can be your opportunity to present a smarter, wittier and more articulate version of your normal, everyday self, or if you already are that smart, witty and articulate in real life, the blog is just one more area where you can shine.

One final thing to remember about your new blogging habit is that you should always carry that passion, that expertise and that online persona everywhere you happen to be online. It should be your personal brand, your mark upon the Web that everyone can instantly recognize, which will ultimately draw people to your blog and to what you have to say.

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